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We are at the end of the second week and in full swing of the 2023 legislative session!  While the legislature is back in person and it seems like everyone is just a bit overwhelmed with the transition to the new normal.  Legislators and aides are already saying they feel like the last two weeks have lasted a couple of years and COVID has started to make its way around.  We are continuing to work on getting our bills in the hopper and we are delighted to announce we have a bill number! HB 1453: Providing a tax exemption for medical cannabis patients.  and it has a hearing on Tuesday the 24th in Regulated Substances and Gaming at 4p. 

You can watch the latest Webinar Wednesday to hear why this piece of legislation is so desperately needed this year.

If you’d like to follow along with cannabis legislation as it develops, you can view our Bill Tracker HERE.  

This week’s action:

1/16/23 House Regulated Substances at 1:30p

HB 1249 – Regarding limits on the sale and possession of retail cannabis products

1/17/23 Senate Environment, Energy & Technology at 1:30p

HB 1131 – Improving Washington’s solid waste management outcomes

1/17/23 House Environment & Energy at 4:00p

SB 5154 – Improving Washington’s solid waste management outcomes

1/17/23 Senate Labor and Commerce Executive Session at 10:30a

SB 5069 – Allowing interstate cannabis agreements

  • Passed committee and referred to Rules Committee

New cannabis bills that dropped this week:

There was more cannabis legislation read-in this week. We always want to hear from you on what you think about legislation.  Please reach-out at any time or stop by in office hours.  Most Fridays, office hours will also have a number of members from the Legislative Committee and we’d be happy to loop you into the conversation.

HB 1341Concerning cannabis license ownership

Out of state ownership has been hotly debated for years.  Let us know what you think about this new iteration.

HB 1453 – Providing a tax exemption for medical cannabis patients

We believe this is the most important piece of legislation that needs to be passed this year if the medical system in WA is going to survive.

SB 5404 – Increasing cannabis revenue distributions to local governments

We support local governments getting more tax revenue, however this bill has some interesting allocations.  Let us know what you think!

SB 5405 – Modifying the liquor and cannabis board’s subpoena authority

This is agency request legislation that really is mostly administrative to bring cannabis and alcohol enforcement into alignment.

The Week Ahead:

1/23/23 House Regulated Substances at 1:30p-Public Hearing

HB 1341 – Concerning cannabis license ownership


1/24/23 Senate Labor and Commerce at 10:30a-Executive Session

SB 5080 – Expanding and improving the social equity in cannabis program 

SB 5123 – Concerning the employment of individuals who lawfully consume cannabis

1/24/23 House Regulated Substances and Gaming at 4:00p-Public Testimony

HB 1453 – Providing a tax exemption for medical cannabis patients

1/26/23 Senate Labor and Commerce at 8:00a-Public Hearing

SB 5259 – Ensuring commerce and workplaces are safe from product theft

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