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A United West Coast – Strategic Partnership

The West Coast’s Largest Cannabis Trade Associations Enter into Historic Strategic Partnership

Cannabis alliance a united west coast

Original Press Release Date: 1/17/18

On the eve of cannabis legalization in California, and in recognition of a united west coast cannabis business community, The California Cannabis Industry Association, The Cannabis Alliance (Washington) and the Oregon Cannabis Association are proud to announce that they have entered into an information and resource sharing agreement. This agreement is intended to provide a mechanism for the entire west coast to communicate on cannabis policy, exchange information, and, when appropriate, work together on common problems and protect west coast cannabis interests moving forward.

“With all of the west coast states having legalized adult use cannabis, our organizations strongly believe that we must move towards a collaborative process to ensure that we maximize our political power, offer our members the most comprehensive benefits possible and stand together against existential federal threats,” says Amy Margolis the Executive Director of the Oregon Cannabis Association.

“By providing strategic support to each other we can better ensure that all business owners, no matter their size, have a voice in the cannabis industry and an opportunity to participate in the market,” – Danielle Rosellison, President of The Cannabis Alliance

Cannabis movement champion Representative Earl Blumenauer says, “This initiative is an exciting, important, and historic development—especially now, with Jeff Sessions’ reckless decision on the Cole Memo. Responsible leaders in the industry working together is exactly how we will change destructive and nonsensical federal policies and set things right.”

Collectively these allied organizations will cooperatively communicate in order to preserve the inclusive cannabis ethos that has made the west coast the first coastline to legalize cannabis. The benefits derived from this relationship will trickle down to members as they grow and expand their businesses throughout the region. “With more than one thousand combined business members, who collectively employ thousands and generate millions and millions in tax revenue, represented by this new relationship, we will be the largest and most powerful voice for the west coast,” says Lindsay Robinson from California Cannabis Industry Association. The new west coast coalition stands with their local, state and Congressional delegates to defend both the will of the voters and the cannabis businesses pioneering this industry.



Lara Kaminsky on Behalf of The Cannabis Alliance

The Cannabis Alliance is a non-profit, membership-based association of individuals, businesses, government officials, and non-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, vital and ethical cannabis industry.

Amy Margolis on Behalf of the Oregon Cannabis Association

The Oregon Cannabis Association is the leading professional voice for the cannabis business community. We support a broad spectrum of businesses through education, best practices, community engagement and networking while advocating for sensible cannabis policy.

Lindsay Robinson on Behalf of the California Cannabis Industry Association

The California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) was formed to unite the cannabis industry in California and to allow it to speak with one voice at the state and local levels. We strive to educate and act as a resource to lawmakers regarding all areas of the cannabis industry. We are also dedicated to addressing issues related to driving under the influence, unlawful diversion to minors, and substance abuse.

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