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CALL TO ACTION: Enforcement Rules Needing Change

Do you have WSLCB rules that you need to see changed or clarified? What do you want to see?

Larger lot sizes

Quarantine elimination

Free items such as water, matches and candy allowed to be handed out at retailers

Contracts and splits allowed between producers and processors

Increased samples for p/p employees

Sniff jar holes should be 3mm instead of 2mm

Please add your suggestions, WAC reference # (and solutions if you have them) to THIS FORM by March 31st.  We are collaborating with the WSLCB enforcement on this exercise, in an effort to find common ground on as many issues as possible. We will be giving a comprehensive list to the WSLCB for an omnibus rulemaking event coming up this summer.  This is your time to add your input– Help us help you!

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