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On a hyper local level, Danielle is a board member for the Association of WA Businesses, has been an Ambassador to the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce since 2015 and writes for a variety of publications including Marijuana Venture.

In her spare time (ha!), she loves to travel, read, ski (or snowboard) and see live music with her kids and her best friend and husband, Juddy.

Danielle Rosellison is the co-founder and CEO of Trail Blazin’ Productions.  Licensed in 2014, Trail Blazin’ is a majority female owned company, whose upper management employees are 100% filled by minorities.  For people seeking physical and emotional relief, Trail Blazin’ is the socially responsible cannabis provider of consistent and reliable medical grade products offering consumers viable alternatives to pharmaceuticals because LIFE’S GETTING BETTER. Cultivating award winning, pesticide free, medically certified, sustainably grown cannabis, Trail Blazin’ is always on the leading edge of the fast-moving cannabis industry. #cannabisismedicine

Danielle is also a board member of The Cannabis Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, ethical and vital cannabis industry.  She spent 3 years as their first democratically elected president.  When she’s not working at Trail Blazin’, she’s trying to help shape intelligent cannabis policy through appropriate government channels.  The Cannabis Alliance members span from farmers, retailers, labs and ancillary businesses as well as patients, consumers and veterans.  This diverse membership allows The Cannabis Alliance to take a thirty-thousand-foot view of the situation and find a solution that makes sense for the entire cannabis community, and not just one or two sectors.