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Meet Our Newest Board Member

Doug Henderson, CEO of Painted Rooster Cannabis Co.

Three-year term board seat filled!

Doug Henderson, CEO of Painted Rooster Cannabis Company, overwhelmingly won the open seat on the board of The Cannabis Alliance.

Doug explains that after spending the last 10 years in the recreational cannabis market, both in Washington and as a consultant nationally, he wants to be a part of directing Washington state toward an equitable and profitable place for cannabis businesses to operate.

He holds a B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington and has been focused on science forward cannabis cultivation since 2010.

Doug has worked diligently on perfecting post processing technologies and has traveled across the country consulting since 2015. He has also leaned on his training as an expert witness regarding pesticide contamination of cannabis products.

Doug was reintroduced to cannabis after a failed guerrilla grow with friends in 1999 prior to his mother’s diagnoses with breast cancer.  Friends working in the medical marijuana space said, “You should check this out.” He did his research and ultimately got a medical card in order to assist with his mother’s treatment.  Witnessing the impact this plant medicine has on people, Doug knew that the alternative, non-psychoactive compounds were going to play a key role in the future of the industry.

Henderson is here to help The Alliance accomplish a few things during his term.

First and foremost, Doug wants to work toward reducing excise taxes on cannabis products so that producers, processors, and retailers can be on a level playing field and in tune with other recreationally legal states. He also wants growers to be allowed to utilize their waste streams and capture carbon consistent with the sustainable nature of the crop we produce. Third on Doug’s priority list is to work toward improving consumer education supportive of the regulated market and steer consumers away from untested/unsafe products available in the illicit market.

Henderson states, “I have stayed this long because of the outcomes that I have observed firsthand in patients, and I am dedicated to working toward providing the safest possible products for consumers and patients as the market continues to grow.”

Henderson’s overarching goal is to improve the ecological outcomes for our planet through cannabis. There is no time to waste in saving our planet and Doug believes his research will enrich lives.  Doug plans to provide his knowledge to others so they can make informed decisions about how to apply the plant to the greater well-being of both humans and the planet we inhabit together.

Painted Rooster Cannabis CoWelcome Doug Henderson, CEO of Painter Rooster and Sungaze, to The Cannabis Alliance board of directors!

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