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Neil Juneja is an intellectual property and cannabis lawyer. He is the founder and managing partner of Gleam Law, a cannabis law firm headquartered in Seattle. Neil has a decade of cannabis business law experience – including navigating the complexities of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Neil represents clients across the legal marijuana, CBD, and hemp industry in intellectual property, business law, and litigation, and has successfully filed over 800 cannabis trademarks and patent applications. 

Over 18 years’ experience in complex Finance solutions. Range of experience from digital payments and cash management to lending and bank finance. From sales to operations & analytics, my focus has been on simplifying processes and technical solutions to help drive growth and innovation.

I’ve consistently been brought into new teams and roles due to my success as a “builder”. Whether it’s a scratch-build or renovation, I’ve helped set up new products, departments, lines of business, and sales channels.

The Mathis Cooperative, we combine years of experience with innovative problem solving, dynamic sourcing and a passion for building strong, long-lasting relationships to provide your company with a comprehensive strategy that will strengthen and grow your business.

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance and productivity. Our cooperative of industry professionals and businesses works together to ensure your success by curating and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships.

We listen to the unique, individual needs of our clients to  identify and solve critical issues, while providing tangible goal attainment strategies that help them to land success.

Adam is the founder of the Alliance for Sensible Markets. He is also the founder of the Craft Cannabis Alliance, a trade group dedicated to defining and expanding markets for Oregon’s locally owned, values- driven cannabis businesses. In 2019, Adam and his members passed the country’s first law preparing a state (OR) for interstate commerce.

When Congress banned financial aid to students with drug convictions in 1998, Adam organized campuses across the country in the first-ever successful effort to roll back federal drug war legislation in the US. The Higher Education Act reform campaign and Adam’s leadership were instrumental to the launch of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, now a drug policy reform powerhouse and leadership incubator with active chapters in over 40 US states and more than 30 countries.

In 2005 he launched the Vote by Mail project, expanding mail-in ballot access in several states and winning full vote-by-mail elections in Colorado in just four years. As a founding board member of the Oregon Bus Project and the League of Young Voters Education Fund, he helped activate networks of young organizers to get out the vote in communities across the country.

Adam lives in Portland, Oregon, where he recently served on the city’s Cannabis Social Equity Grant selection committee. His writing on drug policy has appeared in dozens of print and online publications, and he can be heard weekly as a regular on the podcast Marijuana Tomorrow.

Oscar Velasco-Schmitz is an entrepreneur with backgrounds in linguistics, education, technology, organizational & business management-administration-development, hospitality, design, indoor horticulture, governance,and issue advocacy. He serves as advisor and consultant to tribal, domestic and international governments as well as public and private institutions. He is co-founder of Dockside Cannabis (Seattle, WA) & Dockside Coop (Fremont), is a founding board member of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics [The Cannabis Alliance], and founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, member of Americans for Safe Access, engineer at Natural Language Group – Microsoft Corp., advisor Univ of Washington, School of Medicine and farmworker in the San Joaquin Valley, CA.