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February Newsletter 2021

The start to the year has been an exciting roller coaster.  We have had some disappointments, but the general direction is onward and upward.  We started the the month with the theme: “You are our success” and February was chock-full with success!

Thank you to Confidence Analytics for creating this month’s Dank Doodle.  Confidence Analytics serves hemp, CBD and recreational cannabis markets with access to ISO 17025-accredited analysis of Cannabis and Hemp products so they may meet and exceed regulatory requirements for consumer protection.


Homegrow-While it was a big disappointment that homegrow did not get past the appropriations committee, there was so much good news around moving the ball further down the field. We enjoyed a lot of good press this year.  Articles like these in The Seattle Times, and The Everett Herald, as well as this Kiro7 report helped broaden the conversation.  We were also able to present a compelling economic impact study commissioned by The Cannabis Alliance and underwritten by foundational member, Hawthorne.  The study shows the tax revenue benefit of the cannabis industry in Washington State.  It also finds continued annual growth to retail sales, in the worst case scenario, and a huge boon to the industry in the best case scenario. 

However, My favorite story of homegrow was when we put out the call to action, holy moses, you responded big time!

We are still compiling numbers of folks who wrote into their representatives, but the some of the words legislative aids are using to describe the experience are: inundated, overwhelmed, and flooded.  Thank you so much for your activation and participation in the process!  We are looking forward to re-grouping in the interim to further hone our strategy on this necessary piece of legislation.


Lobby Days– It was a daunting task to figure out how on earth we were going to hold a Lobby Day in the era of remote session, and Jill Walker knocked it out of the park!  Jill’s hard work and organization allowed all of our participants to shine in the 56 meetings we held with Legislators.  Participation was up this year from last year and we were able to cover over half the state in our four days!

Virtual Prichard was hopping every day and despite not being able to cheer one another on in person, the camaraderie was real!

A Big THANK YOU to Washington Bud Co.  for sponsoring such a successful event!  Washington Bud Company is propelled by the vision of prospering as a multi-generational company while establishing a legacy in the future of the cannabis industry.They are accomplishing this by creating quality cannabis products that are requested by name: Washington Bud Company.




Legislative Update-While we have some interim work to to on the commission and homegrow, our other supported legislation is still moving through the legislative process.

SB5004 has had one wild ride already.  The bill has had a second reading in Rules and next step is a floor vote.  Then we get to start over again in the House of Representatives where we expect a warm reception.

SB5004 started with a fiscal note of $7 million, which would have effectively killed the bill.  However, the legislative team and committee went to work!  Lara Kaminsky, The Cannabis Alliance Government Affairs Liaison, lead the governor’s office, the LCB, and our Legislative Committee in a thorough investigation into the numbers.  A third fiscal note and an email from LCB saying, “you were right” later, the budgetary impact is now around $7,000. You read that right.  We dropped three zeros!  Special thanks to Danielle Rosellison and John Kingsburry for your critical work crunching numbers!

HB1105 is also in the Rules Committee over on the house side and it is also on a third reading.  Our legislative team has pivoted to lend additional support to the passage of this bill and we look forward seeing it move over to the Senate.

HB1210 is also in Rules, but marked for review.  The deadline for bills to leave the house of origin is March 22nd.

HB1463, limiting the potency of concentrates and increasing the age of purchase, died in the House Commerce and Gaming Committee.  While there is relief for this year, next year it will be the main event.  The Cannabis Alliance is already working on a variety of avenues for engaging with the prevention community to work to seek a collaborative solution rather than a legislative battle.  I want to thank Legislative Committee members Yoko Miyashita, CEO of Leafly and Lauren Fogleman, Government Affairs for PAX for collaborating on an excellent piece of testimony.  you can watch it here (Bill testimony starts at 0:38:30 and The Cannabis Alliance testimony starts at 01:08:30) or read it here.

Just below are our interactive Lobby Days Handouts.


Membership Gala– At the end of January we got to enjoy one of those rare experiences when online is almost as warm and inviting as in-person.  Friends got to re-connect and reminisce as we honored our 5-year members as foundational members.

Five Year Foundational Members were able to pin themselves at home and because 5 years is the wood anniversary, foundational members also received this commemorative dab pen from Honey Dabber.  Attendees watched a 15 min history video that will be available for all viewing in April and shared their own memories of the early days of regulation.  You can watch a teaser for the video below.


Webinar Wednesdays– Our Webinar Wednesdays series on legislative issues and priorities have been a smashing success.  A huge Thank You to our panelists and moderators.  Each discussion has been illuminating and thoughtful.  Our last live taping is Wednesday at noon for Beyond Regulation in Medical Cannabis.  If you can’t make it Wednesday, you can find all the videos on our YouTube Channel.  Starting Wednesday, March 10th, each week you can catch a reply in zoom with Q&A and open discussion following.


Chronic Relief– Chronic Relief was founded in 2020 to unite the cannabis community in celebration of the 4/20 holiday to help raise money for those directly affected by the pandemic. A first-of-its-kind “virtual telethon” was created and subsequently raised thousands of dollars for Feeding America.To continue the tradition of this 4/20 fundraising event, Chronic Relief 2021 will take place as a charity golf tournament hosted at the impeccable Echo Falls Golf Club on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

This year, Chronic Relief reached-out to The Cannabis Alliance to thank us for our efforts in Washington and to ask if we would like to be this year’s beneficiary!  We of course said “YES!” and “Four!”

Golfers will enjoy a day with their fellow industry professionals playing 18-holes in a fun, yet competitive shotgun-start tournament with tons of sponsor activations, surprise hospitality moments, celebrity guest appearances, media coverage, fundraising and fun.

The Cannabis Alliance members will receive $100 off registration as well as sponsorship discounts.  Email Jill Walker for the registration discount code and mention your membership when you contact Chronic Relief to sponsor the event.

The tournament will be produced within state Covid-19 guidelines to ensure your safety throughout the day.


General Meeting–  There is even more great information at our General Meetings!  Right now, during COVID, they are free to everyone online on the second Thursday of every month at noon.  ICYMI, you can get caught-up with February’s meeting on our YouTube Channel!


A real-time consumer data analytics and market intelligence platform for the cannabis industry. Headset is offering 5-15% off products, advanced sneak peeks into upcoming content, plus more.


Upcoming Committee Meetings

Equity and Justice-Wednesday, 3/3 @ 3:30p.  Email Jessica Pichardo for the link.

Patient Caucus-Thursday, 3/4 @ 1:00p.  Email John Kinsburry for the link.

Community Outreach-Thursday, 3/4 @ 3:00p.  Email Josh Estes for the link.

Sustainability Committee-Next Meeting is TBD.
Producer/Processors have received a survey about plant waste to help shape our policy initiative to get cannabis bio waste out of landfills.  Please complete and return!  If you have any additional questions, email Jason Lammers.

Education Committee-Next Meeting is TBD.  Many members have received an invitation to film a promotional video for The Cannabis Alliance.  We’d love to have your participation in a COVID friendly studio situation!  If you have any additional questions, email Trey Reckling

Committees by Application or Appointment

Legislative-Now that we are two months into the legislative session, the legislative committee is winding down it’s work.  In the coming months we will be evaluating our legislative process and look for an appeal for new applicants in October.  Email Caitlein Ryan with any questions.

Financial-Please reach-out if you are interested in serving on this new committee created to increase oversight and transparency in our growing organization.  Email Caitlein Ryan for more information.








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