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Neil Juneja, the managing partner, started Gleam Law because he realized other cannabis law firms provided legal advice to businesses in a vacuum. He wanted to provide legal decisions in the context of the business world and counsel long-term success. Ten years after the firm was started, Gleam Law has clients in over 40 states, in over 20 countries, and on four continents. The legal team serves these clients from their Seattle headquarters and additional offices in Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.




Gleam Law is a full-service law firm that specializes in serving clients in all areas of the cannabis industry, including THC, CBD, and hemp, as well as ancillary businesses. Their team is made up of top legal talent, and they take pride in their commitment to clients and deep understanding of how the cannabis industry works. Gleam Law’s attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. From business law and cannabis banking to intellectual property law and civil litigation, they cover a range of expertise and are ready for any challenge.