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John Rapp, J.D. , – A seasoned and successful international and domestic litigator, mediator, negotiator, and appellate advocate, John represents a broad array of clients, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. He has litigated business disputes of many types and involving many industries, including real estate, environmental, intellectual property, class actions, fraud, RICO, cannabis, and forfeiture, both domestically and internationally.

John has a special talent for helping partners in diverse businesses navigate business breakups. Due to his extensive experience, he has developed many methods for preventing litigation, making dispute resolution more cost-effective, and reducing lawsuit length and expense. If litigation is necessary, John is known for his tenacity, as well as his power to explain complex legal concepts to clients, judges, and juries.

For many years, John has taught law, ethics, negotiation, and litigation techniques to professionals from around the world. He has produced over 300 legal education seminars, and served as head of compliance education for Microsoft and the Information Technology Compliance Institute. For four years, John also worked as the Asia Pacific training officer for 1,000 lawyers in fifteen offices of what was then the world’s largest law firm.

Before starting his career as a commercial litigator, John prosecuted hundreds of defendants as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, NY.

After hours, you’ll find John playing tennis, studying comparative religion, going to the movies, and playing with his granddaughter.