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In 2013 Evelyn LaChapelle was convicted on three charges related to her minor role in
a marijuana distribution operation. She received 87 months in prison. She is now
utilizing her professional position within the legal cannabis industry to advocate for
restorative justice. She is the Community Engagement Manager at Last Prisoner
Project, and the Social Impact consultant at Rose Mary Jane both dedicated to
redressing the past and continuing harms caused by the war on cannabis. She serves
on the leadership team of Cannabis for Black Lives, Evelyn has built her lifestyle brand,
The Weed Lady.  Her mission is to create a platform for the formerly incarcerated to
find their path into this industry. Her journey in this industry is a story of defeat and
victory. She plans to push this brand and industry forward by normalizing cannabis
consumption first with luxury cannabis essentials and apparel, cannabis delivery, and
soon cannabis beverage. Evelyn is this industry's Weed Lady.