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Kickball 2017 – Who Won?

Cannabis Alliance Kickball

Once again…

on the shores of Soap Lake…

…the cannabis community came together to battle it out on the kickball field. And, once again, we were reminded just how important it is to take a bit of time…even if it’s just a moment…. to connect, to play, to laugh and just have fun.

kickball players in white shirt

This year, at the 2nd Annual Kickball Cup, we successfully doubled the amount of teams playing for the trophy! Back again was Quincy Green to defend their title.

(They were supposed to bring back the trophy but, ironically, after displaying it proudly all year AND after getting it properly engraved… disappeared. Only time will tell if the mystery of the missing trophy will ever get solved.)

kickball players

Also back in attendance was Trail Blazin’ Productions. Last year’s arm wrestling champs.

New teams included Boggy Boon, Twenty22Many and Gorge Gold. A few other teams signed up but were unable to make it at the last minute. We missed you Destination Hwy 420 and Green Vault. Hopefully we’ll catch you next year.

As is tradition, the games officially kicked off after a festive, one-block, parade lead by Soap Lake’s mayor.

kickball parade cannabis

kickball players

Then after a few rounds of deep, deep stretching lead by Lara Kaminsky and Master of Ceremonies, Todd Arkley, the teams separated to their respective playfields, as upbeat dance music floated throughout the waterfront park.

kickball playing

They kicked, they ran, they SCORED!

players getting ready for kickball

Umpire Keith Boyce took care in promising a fair game as Morgan tallied questionable points on the outfield scoreboard.

(It’s like baseball, right?).

Bonus points were given to the naked baby who went streaking across the upper field, and to everyone who visited the smoke lounge.

New friends, community building, and leadership by example were just some of the day’s perks.

After 7 games and a lively competition, the bracket tournament tally was:

Boggy Boon 0 – 2
Trail Blazin’ 0 – 2
Twenty22Many 1 – 1
Quincy Green 2 – 0
Gorge Gold 2 – 0

Who’s going to win first place? The final game came down to last year’s champs…

Quincy Green vs. their neighbors in cannabis, Gorge Gold in their first appearance at the Tournament.

The competition was fierce and, after going into extra innings, GORGE GOLD became the new champions of the kickball field!

kickball players at a park

Placing Quincy Green in second and Twenty22Many, with a stellar performance, coming in at third place.

kickball team

As tradition dictates, the tie for last place needed to be settled — arm wrestling-style.

arm wrestling

Boggy Boon and Trail Blazin’ fought hard

beads of sweat on their brow… until….eventually…

…Trail Blazin’ came down with the WIN, and fourth place positioning.

arm wrestling

But, of course, there’s no shame for coming in last, because everyone is a winner at Soap Lake.

High fives, and high highs were exchanged. Some jumped into the muddy lake before packing up the car for the commute back to their respective corners, only to live another day, another year, for the 3rd Annual Cannabis Alliance Kickball Tournament.

red kickball on green field

Thank you, so much, to the City of Soap Lake for your amazing hospitality and warmth. As soon as we leave we can’t wait to come back.

The Smokiam RV Resort for the amazing accommodations on the shores of The Lake

Biotrack, for once again being our main field sponsors

NCIA for helping support the beer garden

Greenzone, Deep Green and Perma for your sponsorship of the kickballs

…and, of course, all the teams and beautiful people that participated this year. Kickball is only possible because of YOU!

kickball players and teams

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