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CON today.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select for Committee: Regulated Substances and Gaming
  3. Select for Meetings: 2/2/2023 @ 8:00a
  4. Select radial button for HB 1641Addressing public health challenges of high-potency cannabis products and HB 1642 – Regulating the sale of cannabis concentrates
  5. Select “I would like my position noted for the legislative record”
  6. Fill in form making sure to select CON
  7. Submit

The potency limit bills have dropped and are on the schedule for a hearing first thing Thursday morning 2/2 8a.  We need your help to sign in CON on these two bills.  We are coordinating expert testimony to address our opposition and your sign-in will help communicate the seriousness of the impact of this legislation.  Please help us be the reasonable voice in the room by adding your vote of opposition. 

Join us today at noon for a discussion of the two bills.

HB 1641Addressing public health challenges of high-potency cannabis products

Taxation By Potency – For patients and adult use

  • 37% excise on cannabis infused products, usable cannabis, cannabis concentrates all products below 35%
  • 50% excise tax on all products between 35% and 60%
  • 65% excise tax on all products over 60%
  • Total %THC include combined THC-A and THC amounts


  • Complete and total advertising/marketing ban on all products over 35% including websites and text messaging.  

Age Restrictions

  • No sales of 35% or greater to anyone under 25 unless they are a patient on the registry 


  • Point of Sale info on harms– cannabis use disorder, hyperemesis, psychosis, where to find help and how to limit use
  • LCB to provide optional training on point of sale issues
  • The board must consult harm reduction, behavioral health, people who have been harmed 
  • Board must fine any licensee $1000 for violation of any subsection of this section


  • Any product with 35% or more must have health warning in a prominent place using 10 point font, contrasting colors and must occupy at least 40% of container.
  • ADAI will develop the warning label considering comprehension of people 21-24, with disabilities and historically marginalized groups
  • Must label serving size at 10mg including “MULTIPLE SERVINGS” and number of servings in 10 point font in black ink with white background
  • Visualization on the label indicating what a standard serving size is– Board will create content to include on package– i.e. standard serving size of 2 seconds of inhalation


  • $1M to Department of Health with ADAI as a suggested recipient
  • $3M to “social equity grants”


  • 1st. Offense $500
  • 2nd Offense 7 day suspension
  • 3rd Offense in 2 years, 30 day suspension 
  • 4th Offense in 2 years, license cancellation

HB 1642 – Regulating the sale of cannabis concentrates

Retailers may not sell cannabis products over 35% THC unless they hold a medical endorsement and are selling DOH compliant products to patients on the registry.

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