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Member Spotlight – April 11, 2019

Wildwood Flower Farms

Wildwood Flower Farms website | Our Farm | Our Weed | Our Partners

Our first member Spotlight today is Wildwood Flower Farms. Since they are in E WA they might be joining us online today.


We’re typical farmers growing an atypical crop. Located 4 hours and 20 minutes from Seattle, in beautiful Okanogan Country, Wildwood Flower Farm cultivates sun-grown cannabis on our
family farm. We are constantly pinching ourselves to have found such a beautiful location to live and to farm. We live and work on our farm where our goats, ducks, dogs, and weed live in
relative harmony. We're a tiny operation so our ragtag crew of misfit animals help out, too, from digging holes to enriching our compost and integrated pest management.


We believe that weed doesn't fit into a certain demographic and our strains facilitate a variety
of different experiences. We cultivate sun-grown, sustainable cannabis. We strive for
sustainability with rigorous water management and harness the warmth of the sun with
greenhouses. We've curated the strains based on their suitability for the climate in Okanogan
County and also with a desire to provide a subtle high that our friends and family were looking
for, but hard pressed to find. Our weed is full of love, THC, and CBD, and we hope you enjoy it.
We were originally inspired to become involved in medical cannabis because of my partner's
father who has MS and for whom cannabis has been life changing. What drew me to the
cannabis industry is the opportunity to build equity into an industry defining and establishing
itself legally.

We joined the Cannabis Alliance to support its education, advocacy, and legislative work. We
share a vision of what the industry could be and there's strength in aligning the individuals and
businesses in the industry.

We want other Alliance members to know that we are family-owned and -operated and our
values of sustainability, equity, and honesty imbue everything we do.

Our company consists of three people and, with limited human resources, more is demanded of
each of us. We have to know everything about the business and about cannabis in order to
produce a quality product that we are proud to enjoy and to share. Being well educated about
cannabis means that we also know what a privilege it is to own a legal cannabis business while
others in our country are still being arrested for doing the same job. To be in the cannabis
industry means that you are an advocate and an educator.

Wow that is great! A big thank you to Wildwood Flower Farms!

MJW Enterprises or commonly known as Mary J. White, and she says that really is her name: Mary Jane

Website | Classes | Book

Food is a wonderful life giving pleasure inducing essential, and Mary wants to help you
experience that. Whether it’s Cooking with Cannabis or a pantry raid with Kitchen Survival, food
can be medicine, comfort and joy – Mary hopes her recipes help you find that!

Mary has been talking, and cooking, in Seattle all her life and wanted to share some of that with
you. Whether you’re interested in learning about cooking with cannabis or want to learn some
kitchen basics, she has it. In her classes she packs as much as she can into two hours, and you
always go home full and happy with lots of treats. There’s a giant void in our lives where
cooking used to be, and she aims to help fix that.

Cooking with Cannabis classes are becoming increasingly popular, as people let go of
propaganda and learn the glory of this most useful medicinal plant. In Kitchen Survival class you
will learn how to raid the pantry for a delicious dinner, and in the “Girls Night In” class she
focuses on fun….you get the idea!

Mary is thrilled to announce that her book “EveryDayMaryJ, A Practical Guide to Cooking With
Cannabis” has been published! Loaded with mouth-watering recipes, this cookbook is about
every day cannabis for all of us. Based on Mary J. White’s experiences teaching folks how to use
pot in daily life, she demystifies cannabis and shows you how finding the right strain and
delivery method which can positively and deliciously change the course of your life. You can
purchase the book on her website as either a softcover or an ebook.

Mary was inspired to start cooking with cannabis after she tried a cookie in 2011. She smoked
in the 70’s and grew in the 80’s, but had never considered the medical side until she got SO
SICK of taking pills for her chronic pain. That first ¼ of a cookie changed her life. At the time
Mary was teaching cooking, but she immediately started to learn all she could about the
medical magic of cannabis.

Mary says she joined the Cannabis Alliance when she was looking for a reputable active
cannabis group; she wanted to be with cannabis professionals as well as utilizing the
networking possibilities.

The one thing Mary wants people to know about her cooking classes and book is that she
strives to be all about positivity and healing. She truly feels that cannabis can help pretty much
everyone as well as the planet, and with the current state of affairs, we all need healing.

Mary says she always leaves an Alliance meeting knowing something she didn’t know before.
She wants to be on top of the latest information in the industry. Especially if she is going to
teach people how to use cannabis in their daily lives, and Mary says that the Alliance is a great
resource for that!!

A big thank you to Mary J. White.

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