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Member Spotlight – April 12, 2018

OK so now it is time for: The Cannabis Alliance Members Spotlight! We spotlight
two member each month so we can all get to know each other and learn about
each other’s businesses.

Last month we highlighted Keith Boyce, NW Cannabis Zone as our long-term
member but we weren’t able to show his website – so here it is:

NW Cannabis Zone:

First up we have our New Member:
The Novel-Tree, a cannabis retailer in Bellevue,
New: The Novel Tree: Allie McAboy (Bellevue, WA), CEO & Co-founder,
Alliance profile | Website

So do we have anyone here from The Novel Tree today? Would you wave so
everyone knows where you are? The Novel Tree is the first and only award
winning recreational and medically licensed cannabis dispensary in Bellevue,
Washington. They offer 100’s of premium cannabis products including bud,
edibles, concentrates, topicals and so much more. Their product array is award-winning, diverse and rare, plus they have consistent house favorites. They source
product with scrutiny and purchase only what they will consume themselves.
Attention to detail is what they search Washington State for. This is craft cannabis
at its finest!

They have a rotating selection of flower & oil to ensure they are carrying the
freshest products. Their edible selection is more consistent with delicious and
unique offerings. Most of their favorite growers tend to be small-batch with
limited supply per harvest.

The Novel Tree – Medical is a doctor recommended medical cannabis dispensary,
not just a recreational cannabis shop. The Novel Tree has a medical marijuana
consultant on-staff during all open hours. It is architect-designed to offer the
“clinical ambiance” expected by medical patients who may desire more privacy,
discretion, and one-on-one guidance. The medical menu has been carefully
selected for a wide variety of ailments, with an emphasis on relief from chronic
pain. We have gathered feedback from our years of operations to offer the most
effective products. They are doctor recommended because their efforts to go
above and beyond to serve you.

Plus their knowledgeable staff is always on-hand to assist with any questions you
may have. Go visit The Novel Tree in Bellevue for all your medical cannabis

Let’s give The Novel-Tree a warm Alliance welcome!

Next we have our Long-term member:

Honey Creek Enterprises, a producer/processor.

Do we have anyone here today from Honey Creek Enterprises?

Long term: Honey Creek Enterprises: Debbie Kracht (Duvall, WA), (425)
864-4849 (m), (member since April 2016 – almost 2

Alliance Profile | FB page

Honey Creek Enterprises produces high-quality cannabis products; hand-
trimmed, grown locally indoors using organic gardening methods, producing a
naturally sweet buzz. Nestled near the Snoqualmie Valley is a very special farm . .
. it is a small farm that has been in the family for over 30 years.  A creek runs through it . . . Wild Life is abundant. . . Chickens range free in the pasture. . Fruit
trees bloom in the spring and produce plums, cherries, pears and apples in the
fall. . . garden beds are lush with vegetables in the summer . . . Life is good on the
farm . . . but in the shop where the special indoor garden is, that’s where the
magic begins. Before Honey Creek was created at the start of Washington State
legalizing recreational cannabis, the owners had a medical cannabis company.

Many of you know there are benefits of both medical and recreational cannabis.
Honey Creek strives to provide their customers with the best products possible.
They work every day with integrity to ensure that you get the best products they
can provide. A recent topic on their Facebook Page was about organic growing –
nutrients. They are committed to organic growing. They do not use commercial
nutrients. They start by using the highest quality soil available – Bio-Char and
water only by Keep It Simple organics in Redmond. The soil is one of the basic
building blocks for a healthy plant, so they feed the soil making it easy for the
plant to have a wide buffet of high quality nutrients at its root tips at all times.
biochar live soil has all the natural things a plant needs to be healthy. When you
start strong (soil) it is that much easier to finish strong. Enjoy your week with bud
from our healthy plants.

Let’s give Honey Creek Enterprises a warm thank you!

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