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Member Spotlight – April 13, 2017

It’s time to appreciate a couple of our members, we are calling this our: Alliance
Members Appreciation Moment.

Each month we highlight one of our long term members and welcome one of our
new members. As your Alliance Membership Director I believe in community,
connection and networking and I am adamant that we all get to know other
Cannabis Alliance members a little better. This form of networking, is a net and
this net WILL create a powerful foundation of support as our industry evolves and
moves forward, especially during uncertain times. We are more powerful when
we join together – so jump in the net! And besides you never know who you
might want to meet!

Long-term member: Washington Bud Company and Shawn Denae, principal

Washington Bud Company began providing quality cannabis for medical
dispensaries in 2012. They are now honored to bring their exquisite strains to the
21+ and over cannabis consumer. They grow for taste and effect and believe if
they enjoy the aromatic flavors and happy experiences, their customers will too!
Your health and satisfaction are important to Washington Bud Company. They are
boutique batch growers of artisan strains and their genetics have withstood the
test of time. They use only biological solutions for pest and mold management
including beneficial insects and natural deterrents to bring you clean cannabis to
safely enjoy.

The crew at Washington Bud Co is dedicated to continuing the work to help
patients and adults experience cannabis safely; so whether you enjoy it for
purpose or pleasure they believe cannabis is meant to be enjoyed responsibly and
they work to bring you quality products that make you happy.
Their motto is “Be Happy!” So whether you use their products for pleasure or
purpose, WASHINGTON BUD COMPANY encourages you to enjoy them
responsibly and BE HAPPY!

So BIG thanks to Shawn DeNae with Washington Bud Company for her dedication
and advocacy work as the cannabis industry grows and evolves and to the entire
Washington Bud Company team for their ongoing dedication to the cannabis

You can find a link to Washington Bud Company’s webpage by going to The
Cannabis Alliance’s website membership listing page and you too can then “Be

New Member: Sam Mendez, Sam Mendez Law

Sam Mendez is a licensed attorney in Seattle and he works with clients all over
Washington State. Since 2015, he has been helping clients in the Cannabis
Industry, with business formation, trademark pursuits, litigation matters,
corporate formation, and dealings with government agencies such as the
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB).

​In addition to his law practice, he is also active in public service and academia. He
served as the Executive Director of the Cannabis Law & Policy Project (CLPP) at
the University Of Washington School Of Law for 1.5 years. The Cannabis Law &
Policy Project is one of the nation's first think tanks dedicated to cannabis issues.
They wrote policy reports for the WSLCB, hosted delegations from the Jamaican
and Canadian governments, and produced UW Law's first cannabis policy
conference a resounding success. He also co-teaches the Cannabis Law Seminar at
UW Law.

​​If you need legal advice, consulting work, or other counsel, Sam Mendez would
love to help you. He will help you maneuver complex regulations, corporate
formation, drafting contracts, intellectual property issues, acquisitions, and other

You can find a link to Sam Mendez’s webpage by going to The Cannabis Alliance’s
website membership listing page. Sam Mendez promises to listen carefully and
provide you with much needed advice. Thank you Sam for your dedication to the
industry and for your active membership in the Cannabis Alliance.

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