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Member Spotlight – August 9, 2018

Hello Everyone!

Hempfest is coming right up it’s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 17, 18 &
19. The Alliance will have a booth at Hempfest and we can use your volunteer
help. There is a signup sheet in the back at the check in area if you would like to
join us for this informative, iconic and FUN vibe event. Hempfest is a great way to
meet a lot of wonderful people, learn more about our industry and have a great

If you have signed up to volunteer with us at Hempfest please consider bringing
these items: Sunblock, water bottle, food/snacks, they do have food booths
available too if that works for you. (Anything else Julia/Lara?)

OK so now it is time for: The Cannabis Alliance Members Spotlight! We spotlight
two member each month so we can all get to know each other and learn about
each other’s businesses.

Today we have our Long-term member: New Day Cannabis and Joe Rammel.

Website | Facebook | Alliance page

Where is Joe from New Cay Cannabis?

Joe Rammell is a longtime advocate of the Cannabis Industry. In
February of 2014 he started the Washington Marijuana Association
(WMA), and was also a board member. Keith Boyce, who is currently an
adjunct board member of The Cannabis Alliance became The WMA
Board President. Joe Rammell is now the owner and founder of New Day
Cannabis. And at the age of 70 Joe also thinks that he is probably the
oldest licensee in the state.

New Day Cannabis is a Tier 3 Producer and Processor located just
outside of Newport WA in rural Pend Oreille County. Located on 10
acres, New Day Cannabis has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the
state due to their commitment to sustainability.

At New Day Cannabis they do not use any chemicals and they make their
own living soil and nutrients. All of their ingredients meet the organic
standards. Their crystal clear water comes from the Pend Oreille River.
They have the most energy efficient building in the industry, they are
underground and use led lighting which uses 60% less power, and they
have a heat exchange system that runs on 120 amp circulating fan. They
recycle and reuse all of their packaging materials. Their terpenes are
among the highest in the state, they hand trim and cure their products
for 30 days.

Joe has always supported Medical Marijuana and he is also a patient and
Joe is working on new Medical Marijuana Legislation Project, and needs
your help! At this web page there is a very rough draft and he is looking
for input on the legislation and volunteers to help with the project. So
please seek him out if you have an interest in this topic.

Joe is passionate about resurrecting medical opportunities in the
industry. One of Joe’s favorite quotes is: “It’s ok to be weary, but it’s not
ok to give up.”

Let’s give New Day Cannabis and Joe Rammell a warm thank you for his passion
and advocacy work!

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