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Member Spotlight – February 4, 2018

It’s time for: The Cannabis Alliance Members Spotlight!

Each month we highlight one of our long term Alliance members and welcome
one of our new members. We hope this helps you to learn a little more about
each other’s businesses, and will help you network, build your businesses, your
friendships and our community too!

Also please remember that as members you have the opportunity to have your
business profile on our website, including logo. So if you haven’t already sent us
this information, put it at the top of your to do list so we can put it up on our
website and help promote your business. Thanks!

1. First up we have our New Member:

Interstate Merchant Services

Interstate Merchant Services is a bank card processing company in the Pacific
Northwest and they have been the first choice for businesses in Washington,
Oregon, and Montana for 24 years, because they are dedicated to your success.
Interstate Merchant Services first opened its Bellevue doors in 1994. Since then,
they have taken immense pride in becoming one of the most highly regarded, and
personalized, bank card processing companies in the Pacific Northwest. Their company specializes in embracing new, niche markets, including Marijuana
Stores. They offer several traditional and specialized bank card services that will
benefit your small business and get you well on your way to securing fast
payment from your transactions.

Customer service is a very important value of their company and they offer
competitive rates and simple, honest, transparent pricing, and no hidden fees.
Their clients are incredibly important to them, and they work closely with them to
find their ideal program.

They offer cutting edge technology from mobile card readers to sleek and modern
retail designs, they have a variety of processing solutions to suit your business

And they have exciting news! They are excited to be able to offer a New Credit
Card Program for Marijuana Stores! This is an amazing new development from
their processing bank and opens a new revenue source for all participating
cannabis stores. We are dedicated to educating you and providing the best bank
card service available in this industry. For more information you can find
Interstate Merchant Service’s profile on The Cannabis Alliance’s website and a link
that will take you to their website.

Do we have anyone here today from Interstate Merchant Services?

Let’s give Interstate Merchant Services a warm Alliance welcome!

2. Next we have our Long-term member:

DB3 Incorporated

The DB3 Vision: Committed to Doing it Right!

When voters in Washington State issued their directive to legalize cannabis and its
related byproducts, they not only set the pace for the rest of the nation, they also
inspired three brothers born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. The brothers, with
a passion for food products excellence, had a vision of quality, consistency and
controlled consumption in cannabis edibles, and they founded Db3 to deliver on that
vision. Working with industry experts, the brothers developed the Cypress Extraction
Method™, a proprietary plant essence extraction process that results in cannabis oil
rich in natural compounds of THC, cannabinoids and terpenes. In their state-of- the-
art processing facility, and employing strict food safety standards, they blend this
special oil with other all-natural ingredients to create tasteful food and beverage
products that enable the consumer to control their own experience. Db3 is
committed to offering products that can be trusted to deliver a safe, consistent and
enjoyable experience – and to marketing those products in a socially responsible manner. The founding Devlin brothers invite all those in Washington State over the
age 21 to enjoy Db3 products, which are now available from licensed retailers
throughout Washington State under the ZOOTS brand.

At Zoots, they like to focus on the little things. Like handcrafted small batch treats
made with premium infused cannabis paired with unique blends tailored to your
interests, desires and intentions.

DB3 wants you to know that eating marijuana is different than smoking and
everyone has their own serving size.

Washington State regulatory officials have determined that 10mg THC is a standard
serving size for edible marijuana. But keep in mind that everyone’s experience is
different. Body size and type, physical activity, diet and much more can all play
factors in how THC affects you. While 10mg THC is just right for some, it will be too
much or not enough for others. That's why Zoots come in a variety of serving
sizes—so you are always in control of your experience.

There is much pleasure to be had in a serving of Zoots. So here’s the thing about
eating marijuana. It takes longer to feel the effects and the high lasts longer.
Depending on your size of serving, you may begin feeling the initial effects in as little
as 30 minutes, and it could take two or more hours for the full effect to kick in. This
point is worth repeating. If you're new to marijuana edibles, start low and slow. For some, it may last several hours. The key to enjoying edible marijuana is patience.
Allow yourself time to experience each serving of Zoots fully before consuming
more. They invite you to imbibe and nibble responsibly.

Do we have anyone here today from DB3?

Let’s give DBE a warm Alliance thank you!

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