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Member Spotlight – July 12, 2018

Ok so who here has been to Hempfest? Great so The Cannabis Alliance will have a
booth at Hempfest this year! So for those of you that have not been to Hempfest
it is an event NOT to be missed. There is the Hemposium with speakers, there is
music, great vendor booths and a wonderful vibe and comraderie. Please check it
out at So the Allice is looking for some volunteers that want to
attend this iconic and fun event for Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 17, 18 &
19. I have a signup sheet in the back at the check in area. Please check it out and
sign up. Seriously it is a great way to meet a lot of wonderful people, learn more
about our industry and have a great time!

OK so now it is time for: The Cannabis Alliance Members Spotlight! We spotlight
two member each month so we can all get to know each other and learn about
each other’s businesses.

First up we have our New Member:

Green Light Approved


So is Kent here from Green Light Approved today? Would you wave so
everyone knows where you are?

Green Light Approved – Guiding the Cannabis Curious
GREENLIGHT Approved is a marketing and consumer education platform
designed to provide the 34% of Americans (and 32% of Canadians)
interested in trying cannabis the confidence needed to get off the
sidelines and into a recreational cannabis stores, where they will leave
with a “low dose” product that will give them a great experience, so
they return over and over. We direct the “cannabis curious” to an
affiliate network of retailers and brands for fulfillment.

GREENLIGHT Approved is a “market maker” that is “Guiding the
Cannabis Curious,” 100% focused on activating the next wave of
cannabis consumers.

Studies show 34% of Americans 21 and over are interested in and open
to trying cannabis but currently are not acting on that interest. With
numbers like that, they saw the need to develop an environment that
discusses inhibitions and builds confidence to make sure new consumers
start off on the right foot. Their organizing principles help people
understand the wide range of cannabis consumption options, products
available and a select network of retailers devoted to serving the unique
needs of new users or those returning to cannabis after a long time

Working with BDS Analytics in states where recreational cannabis is
legal, GREENLIGHT Approved can quantify the “cannabis curious” in
each state by; demographics, psychographics and understand the
specific inhibitions that need to be overcome to build the confidence
needed to enter the retail channel. These unique insights allow
GREENLIGHT Approved to build a four-part integrated platform to
activate consumers:

  • Media Campaign
  • Digital/Mobile Platform:
  • Retail Experience.
  • GREENLIGHT Approved Symbol on products to identify low dose

Empowered with the confidence created by GREENLIGHT Approved,
new users come into the recreational cannabis market with different
expectations, embracing: “Low dose/high discretion” products not as a
beginner step but centered around symptom relieving qualities as well
as more discreet consumption options than burning cannabis flower
allows. The typical THC driven ‘head high” is not a priority for new users.
At Green Light approved we believe when you start something new, it's
best to start slow. Gather all the information you can to make a safe
informed decision. Let Greenlight Approved be your guide so your first
experience with cannabis is an educated, safe and positive one. To find a
participating retailer near you check out their website.

Let’s give Green Light Approved a warm Alliance welcome!

Next we have our Long-term member:

Testing Technologies.


Who is with us here today from Testing Technologies? Is Larry Ward with us today?

Testing Technologies is a full service I-502 certified analytical laboratory,
testing Potency, Micro Biology, Mycotoxins, Terpenes, Residual Solvents,
and Water Activity and Moisture Content. They offer an extensive range of testing and consulting services to I-502 and medical clients, at prices
that are among the most competitive in the industry.

Testing Technologies, located on the Kitsap Peninsula is a private,
independent laboratory. They employ only recognized methods and
procedures for microbiology and chemical testing. These methods
include FDA, USDA, AOAC, USP and other validated methods developed
by clients or the Testing Technologies scientists.

They adhere to strict procedures and practices including FDA 21CFR58,
Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and are in compliance with ISO
17025:2005, which means that they meet and exceed the most rigorous
regulatory standards in the industry. By adhering to such strict practices,
they guarantee their customers reliable and accurate analysis. Testing
Technologies does more than meet state standards, they exceed them.

Their microbiology division employs the latest in automated
instruments. This greatly reduces any chance of error on behalf of the
operator and reduces the potential for false positives. Additionally, they
offer a full range of microbiological testing, including traditional plating
methods and screenings, following strict protocol. Their methods are fully validated and are accepted throughout the I-502, food, and
pharmaceutical industries.

Their laboratory delivers accurate, precise, and reproducible analysis at
a competitive price with a quick turnaround. They support the evolving
cannabis industry by working with growers and manufactures, detecting
issues in pre-harvest plants, such as mold or bacterial contamination,
and working with them to eliminate these problems before they result
in a costly loss. And they offer sample pickup anywhere in the state of

As far as Cannabinoid Extraction, potency testing begins with the
extraction of the cannabinoids. Testing Technologies uses the most
advanced extraction techniques in the industry. Their extraction
methods guarantee that the molecules of interest are fully extracted
and not left behind. Incomplete extractions can result in low and
inaccurate results.

Testing Technologies utilizes High Performance Liquid Chromatography
(HPLC) to quantify cannabinoids in the full range of I-502 products. We use validated methods that have been peer reviewed and optimized for
accurate and precise analysis.

Their extraction method is also significantly less wasteful and more
environmentally friendly than other methods, using less than 50% of the
amount of solvents typically used during the extraction process.

Let’s give Testing technologies and Larry Ward a warm thank you for his passion
and advocacy work!

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