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Member Spotlight – July 13, 2017

It’s time to appreciate a couple of our members, we are calling this our: Alliance
Members Appreciation Moment.

Each month we highlight one of our long term members and welcome one of our
new members. As your Alliance Membership Director I believe in community,
connection and networking and I am adamant that we all get to know other
Cannabis Alliance members a little better, so we can support each other and learn
more about each member, their passion and their business.

We are more powerful when we join together! And besides you never know who
you might want to meet!

Long-term member: The CPC – The Center for Palliative Care

The CPC mission is to deliver the knowledge you want, the wellness you

The Center for Palliative Care is known and respected as one of Washington
State’s first medical Cannabis access points. They were born from
Washington State's pioneering medical Cannabis patients who joined together
as collectives in the name of community health.

Since 2009 the CPC has been living out its mission in two ways:

1) By providing members with access to cannabis and information about it.

2) By communicating with members to create a consistently effective cannabis
experience, and providing a comfortable environment to learn about the plant.

Our award winning staff provides swift transactions or extended consultations.
The cpc does not provide medical information about cannabis. Instead the
goal of The CPC is to create a unique space for discussion about wellness.
Find out more at their website, or by going to their profile on the
membership page on our website:

New Member: Confident Cannabis:

The Confident Cannabis mission is to bring transparency to legal cannabis. They
do this with a software platform dedicated to both cannabis testing laboratories
and their clients

They work with more than 40 cannabis labs across the United States currently
operating in 11 states.

For labs they provide a full range of in-house services including sample and order
management and regulatory tools, including seed to sale integration, PDF
generation and a wide range of data tools

For producers and dispensaries they provide an ever-widening set of services
including shareable lab results, gallery for your website, labeling services, data
analysis tools and data integration with other web platforms

Their aim is to work with the best labs and operators in the industry across the
country to bring high quality lab test data including cannabinoids and terpenes
out of PDFs and into a usable, flexible online environment

Confident Cannabis is currently working with Medicine Creek and Lara Kaminsky,
Michelle and Dominic on visualization of the data for the Terpestival and hope to
get some great feedback!

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