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Member Spotlight – June 2019

1. Bad Ass Herbs


Bad Ass Herbs is a family owned farm located in North Central Washington where the
growing region is spectacular, allowing this family to follow time honored traditions in
outdoor growing which helps them achieve the very best results. They are experienced
farmers, racking up three generations of farming experience BEFORE they started
growing Cannabis. And they have been located at the same Family Farm for many
decades. They are dedicated to high quality, purity and consistency and they are
committed to producing exceptional cannabis products.

All their outdoor plants are grown in soil using approved nutrients, natural products and
proven methods. They produce concentrates using the BHO Extraction Method. Their
custom extraction method is done manually, slowly creating small batches at a time,
allowing them to control the quality better. They work very hard to assure their Extracts
look, taste, smell and perform the best possible. They produce specific strains
originating from their in-house breeding program, along with other sources. Last
summer they won Dope Cup’s 2018 “Best THC Wax / Budder Category with their “Royal
Oil”.  You can find more information, and great pictures, about their process on the
Extracts Page of their website.

A big thank you to Bad Ass Herbs

2. MainStem


Our second member Spotlight today is MainStem. Where are our people from Mainstem?

MainStem, is dedicated to bringing you the greatest selection of supplies and equipment
for your Cannabis business. Now you can shop products, pricing, and suppliers all in
one place. They take pride in providing exceptional service to their customers. Their
intuitive platform streamlines the purchasing process, saving you time and money. They
handle every step of the shipping and fulfillment process so you can get back to what
matters most, growing your business. Their dedicated team is here to guide you through
an ever-changing industry. Their offerings are always expanding, giving you the
flexibility to find the supplies you need, exactly when you need them.

MainStem’s founders, a strategist and a cultivator, were inspired by the exciting, albeit
challenging, opportunity to join an industry from the ground up and knew it would be the
combination of their unique skills that would drive their success. Today, MainStem has
become the largest community of vendors and customers staying rooted in these same
core values; communication, innovation, and diversity.

Alen Nguyen, the CEO and co-founder of MainStem, served on the board of directors
as the Vice President of the Cannabis Alliance because he felt it was the best way to make a change in the cannabis industry, from a regulatory and education standpoint.
Now as a member, Alen says “It is inspiring to look back on how far I have come with
the help of The Cannabis Alliance. I used to be the kind of person that the Alliance
sought out to educate. Now, with their guidance, I have been able to serve on the board
and shape the conversation.”

Long Nguyen, co-founder and Operations Manager of MainStem, began as a cultivator
in the medical industry. He takes a lot of pride in helping people of all ages as an
advocate for the Cannabis Community. Long says “I have been watching the industry
grow and evolve for years as a cultivator in the medical market. I am proud to be
helping fellow growers and dispensary manages through our work with The Cannabis

Giving back is a cornerstone of MainStem’s success, whether it be to the Cannabis
Community or the environment. That’s why they encourage everyone to shop The
Cannabis Alliance store. Every eligible purchase at results in donations
to the Alliance from MainStem.

MainStem takes pride in their ability to serve as industry experts for their customers,
especially in new and emerging cannabis markets. They believe it is their responsibility
to stay up to date on the latest regulations, innovations, and discoveries, so they can
advise their customers to the best of their ability and help them to be as successful as

A big thank you to MainStem!

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