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Member Spotlight – March 2019

1. Walla Walla Weedery


Our first member Spotlight today is Walla Walla Weedery, Chris Crew owner. Since they are
in E WA they might be joining us online today.

The majority of this information comes from an article about Walla Walla Weedery in the Union
Bulletin publication. Walla Walla Weedery is a retail cannabis store in beautiful Walla Walla,
WA. They offer something for everyone. That's what Chris Crew, owner of the Walla Walla
Weedery, said customers will find when they visit his store. While offering all types of cannabis
products, the Weedery has items that appeal to customers regardless of budget, from economy
lines to high-end.

The shop earns repeat business with low markups and an extensive variety. It's "more focused on
selling a lot of product rather than making a lot off each product," he said. The store's larger size
and open layout are draws, as customers feel comfortable browsing with no pressure from employees.

Staff members are on a first-name basis with many customers. Clients represent a diverse mix of
locals, wider-area residents and visitors, from people who recently turned 21 to retirement-age folk "getting topicals for their joints," and everyone in between, from college students to professionals.

Crew said a "good proportion of professionals are from out of town," in the Valley for wine
tasting — they stop in to purchase cannabis since they’re already on vacation, feeling like maybe
this is a good time to use cannabis.”

Blending his interest in cannabis with his background in public speaking, Crew conceived of
offering seminars about the burgeoning cannabis industry. He held the first seminar in 2013 at a
small hotel in Elma, Wash., while the state was accepting applications for cannabis production,
processing and retail. The focus was providing interested parties with information to start their
own cannabis business. Under the apt name Marijuana Workshops he began recruiting prominent
figures in potentially cannabis-related industries to speak on their areas of expertise, including
law, security, marketing and technology.

As a result of the seminars, Crew gained numerous clients, and now has helped around 250
entities across the nation become licensed in the industry. In the process he also met Jason
Barker, who had applied for, and lucked into, a license to retail cannabis products within Walla
Walla city limits. So the next time you are in Walla Walla please check them out!

A big thank you to Walla Walla Weedery and Chris Still.

2. EverCannabis a publication of the Spokesman Review


Our next member Spotlight today is EverCannabis, a publication in the Spokesman-Review
which is a news publication in the Spokane and Inland Northwest area. EverCannabis keeps
many informed about the growing cannabis industry both locally and beyond.

The Spokesman-Review fosters prosperity, civic pride, and government accountability by
providing the information and forums for discussion that form the basis of sound decision-
making. As the largest, most used and most trusted producer and aggregator of local news and
information, they offer an array of timely, accurate and balanced news reports, data, analysis,
and commentary.

As a media organization they focus on providing neutral news, information and education, they
believe it’s important for them to get to know a wide spectrum of people, businesses and
organizations. They felt they also needed to learn about the cannabis industry and to stay
current, and they know it is vital to make sure everything they report is always accurate.
I received a brief write up from Joe Butler with EverCannabis. Their publication started up
around the same timeframe the Cannabis Alliance was forming so they have enjoyed watching
the group grow as they’ve grown. Cannabis Alliance leaders and members have continued to be
great resources for this news organization, even for little questions that may be simple or basic
for people already in the industry. They’ve enjoyed the friendships they’ve made and the
networking opportunities that the Alliance has provided.

They would like Alliance members to know they love being part of community conversations as
cannabis evolves at a state and national level, and they are always happy to offer opportunities
to help members get the word out. They are also happy to offer their marketing expertise,
including branding, general media relations and advertising.

As far as being well educated about cannabis Evercannabis works hard to stay neutral – they’re
less interested in promoting a message of ‘how to party harder’ but more ‘look at all these cool
people from all walks of life doing cool things and trying to make things work.’ Though
advertising with The Spokesman-Review and EverCannabis is always welcome and appreciated,
they especially enjoy telling good stories and improving the 502 community’s knowledge. As a
media organization, they have the ability to interact with producers, processors and regulators
to provide a good perspective in the industry’s past, present and future. They are looking
forward to continuing to be a useful resource as the industry grows. Be sure and check them
out online too!

A big thank you to The Spokesman Review and EverCannabis.

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