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Member Spotlight – November 9, 2017

It’s time for: The Cannabis Alliance Members Appreciation Moment!

Each month we highlight one of our long term Alliance members and welcome
one of our new members. We hope this helps you to learn a little more about
each other’s businesses, and will help you network, build your businesses, your
friendships and our community too!

As a reminder Mr. Trey Reckling of The Cannabis Institute located here at SCC will
be taking short video clips of our monthly member’s right after our meetings. We
will put them up on our FaceBook page and on The Cannabis Alliance website in
the future too.

Also please remember that as members you have the opportunity to have your
business profile on our website, including logo. So if you haven’t already sent us
this information, put it at the top of your to do list so we can put it up on our
website and help promote your business. Thanks!

1. First up we have our Long-term member: Todd Arkley, Arkley Accounting

Group: | Board photo:

Todd Arkley, CPA and a founding member and adjunct board member of The
Cannabis Alliance has been an accountant in private industry since 2000. He
previously served as CFO at a 75-person law firm. Todd engages his technical
mastery of accounting with a deep understanding of how finance underpins all
business operations – health insurance, retirement plans, human resources,
remodels/expansions, IT infrastructure, and mergers. He knows that a good
accountant, a good CFO, embraces the mission and vision of an organization.
Finance is simply one facet of what makes an organization thrive.

So I asked Todd a few questions and here are his answers.

1. “What inspired you to become involved in The Cannabis Industry?”
Todd says “I love small businesses and I love using my skills to help make
the world a better place. The people in the cannabis industry are good
people, they are funny people, weird people, idealistic people, and spiritual
people – exactly who I like to spend my time with. I also want to help to
dismantle the unjust, racist, and vile prohibition regime in any way that I

2. “Why did you join The Cannabis Alliance?”

Todd says: “The Cannabis Alliance was the one organization that looked
beyond just the needs of businesses when addressing legalization. It also
focused on community, health, civil rights, education, and enlightenment.
The Alliance understands that the mission of legalization is not profit – it is

3) What is one thing you would want our members to know about your business?

I have been working with the industry for almost 4 years and even though
my knowledge of the effects of 280E is extensive, I continue to focus on
education for myself and my clients, questioning our assumptions, and
maintaining a realistic 'big picture' outlook. Also, I'm pretty funny.

A BIG thank you to Todd Arkley with Arkley Accounting Group!

2. New Member: The National Cannabis Risk Management Association | Website:

The National Cannabis Risk Management Association is the first and only
nationally-dedicated organization for reliable cannabis-specific risk management
and insurance services. The National Cannabis Risk Management Association or
NCRMA was established through the coordinated efforts of cannabis industry
professionals, risk managers, and providers of alternative risk solutions. Together,
these three diverse but interrelated groups wanted to address the scarcity or
complete inadequacy of risk management and alternative risk (insurance)
solutions available to cannabis industry participants.

As a result of their combined efforts, the cannabis industry now has a national
trade association which is ready and able to offer innovative, industry-specific risk
management and insurance solutions.

Their website serves dual purposes: an information source for your business and
stakeholders, and a collection of tools, services, and resources that best address
the critical risk-management and insurance components of this industry.

Member businesses who take advantage of our risk-management opportunities
will see a reduced insurable underwriting risk, resulting in improved results to
their bottom line, as well as a better perception of the cannabis industry across
the board nationally. For more information and a link to their website visit their
profile on The Cannabis Alliance website. Joining us today is the National
Cannabis Risk Management Association’s Executive Director Gershom Spengler.

Let’s give them a warm Alliance welcome!

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