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New Board Announced

The Cannabis Alliance Announces a New Executive Board for 2017-18

Seattle, WA — The Cannabis Alliance is happy to announce the appointment of three new members to its Board of Trustees, as well as the placement of new members onto the Executive Board.

Joining the Board of Trustees are Norm Ives, Nick Mosely and Bob Smart. “All three of our newest Board members embody the spirit of community and bring talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate to have them on our team as we continue to strengthen the cannabis community. ” Lara Kaminsky, Executive Director.

In addition, the board selected two individuals they consider to have unique leadership skills to hold the executive positions on the board as President and Vice-President. We are happy to announce that Danielle Rosellison will once again hold the position of Board President for a second term. Danielle has a proven leadership record and inspires all those around her to give their best. The newest appointment to the executive board is AC Braddock as Vice-President. AC brings years of experience and a unique perspective to her board service and we are very excited for her to step into this new role.

More information about the executive board members can be found below.

Danielle Rosellison – Board President, Owner / Operating Manager of Trail Blazin’ Productions

As co-owner of Trail Blazin’ Productions, Danielle tenaciously created a roll for herself within the company and the cannabis industry. Community relations was her first priority as misinformation about the cannabis industry runs rapid. Through Danielle’s social media tactics, community involvement, media coverage and coffee appointments, Trail Blazin’ Productions is quickly becoming a figurehead for the cannabis community, for both users and non-users.

Most notable, has been Danielle’s sincere interest to help the entire cannabis community, not just her own company, move in a positive direction. She is a founder, and current president, of The Cannabis Alliance, sits on the executive board of the Cannabis Farmers Council and is an Ambassador to the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce.

AC Braddock – Board Vice President, CEO of Eden Labs

As CEO of a high tech, innovative organization that designs and builds multiple types of distillation and extraction systems, AC’s main focus is keeping the Founder and creative staff free to continue to develop and improve upon new technologies. The company must stay flexible and creative in order to anticipate and serve the fascinating and immense array of applications of Eden’s equipment. Thus, AC is responsible for company culture and motivation, ensuring the company is having a strong and positive influence on the industries it serves as well as the communities in which it works. AC is also a member of multiple Washington Cannabis Business Women groups; WOW (Women of Weed), Cannabis Women’s Alliance, and Women Grow.  She is also the Vice Chair on NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) board, the NCIA Federal Policy Council and is on the BOD of Pacific Century Holdings.

All board members are listed at the following link.

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