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October 1, 2023 at The Collective in downtown Seattle

The Cannabis Alliance is changing venue for our 8th Annual Cannabis Summit: Foundations and Futures.   The Cannabis Alliance is the largest industry association in WA State and we are dedicated to the advancement of a vital, ethical, equitable, and sustainable cannabis industry.  The purpose of the event is to have cross-pollinating conversation with industry, legislators, and regulators in an effort to think at a high-level and seek solutions and initiatives that move the industry as a whole forward.  We are now excited to announce we will host our discussion in the unique space at The Collective in downtown Seattle.  We look forward to a robust discussion with panels focused on Tribal Innovation, Equitable Capitalization and Commerce, Cannabis Incarceration in Washington State, Building Bridges to Safe Medicine with Dr. Sue Sisley as Keynote Speaker.  We had to make a difficult decision to reschedule our field day and relocate the event inorder to find a venue that would work with the cannabis industry.  As an industry we continue to struggle to find partners who are not automatically suspicious or overly restrictive in anticipation of expected bad behavior.  Prohibition is active even in the progress we see in normalization and in the wake of a pristine track record.  We are grateful to The Collective for their professional approach and we are truly thrilled by the exciting and dynamic content for the day.  Join us on October 1st for a day of ideas and information and an evening of celebration and community.  You can register on our website HERE

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