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Required Tests as of 8/31

Required Tests*
Green plant material (flower, kief, trim, etc), concentrates that involve any sort of solvent (CO2, ethanol, hydrocarbon, etc), and infused fats will have new required tests under the new law.
Green Plant Material Required Tests
Moisture Analysis (not required for hash/kief/rosin) Water Activity (new, not required for hash/kief/rosin) Foreign Matter Potency Microbial (limits changing) Mycotoxins (new)



Concentrate (Hydrocarbon, CO2, Ethanol, Food Grade) Required Tests
Potency Mycotoxin Screening (new, only if starting material untested/failed) Residual Solvents (new failure limits/requirement)


Infused Cooking Oil/Fats Required Tests
Potency Microbial (only if made with untested/failed material) Mycotoxin screening (new, only if made with untested/failed material)


New Failure Thresholds
The failure criteria for residual solvent testing and microbial testing are changing and the mycotoxin screening adds a new failure limit to be aware of.


Microbial Limits
Gram Negative/Bile Tolerant  10,000 cfu/g
E. coli  Not detected in 1 g
Salmonella  Not detected in 1 g


Mycotoxin Limits
Sum of Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2  20 μ/kg (synonymous with parts per billion)
Ochratoxin A  20 μ/kg (synonymous with parts per billion)


Residual Solvent Limits
Acetone  5,000 ppm Hexanes  290 ppm
Benzene  2 ppm Isopropanol (2-propanol)  5,000 ppm
Butanes  5,000 ppm Methanol  3,000 ppm
Cyclohexane  3,880 ppm Pentanes  5,000 ppm
Chloroform  2 ppm Propane  5,000 ppm
Dichloromethane  600 ppm Toluene  890 ppm
Ethyl Acetate  5,000 ppm Xylene  2,170 ppm
Heptanes  5,000 ppm


Water Activity Limits
Water Activity  0.65 aw


*Information supplied by Confidence Analytics


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