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RESULTS: Practical Production Boundaries

Cannabis practical boundaries results 2“Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy, and the most useful plant on Earth.  No other single plant contains as wide a range of medically active herbal constituents.”

– Dr. Ethan Russo


If you have test results from an accredited 502 laboratory and you think those test results indicate your flower may be pushing the boundaries of what is possible, submit your Certificate of Analysis to If your submission is selected, you will get offers from up to five different labs who will each retest your Lot FOR FREE as a means of confirming the original result. Outcomes will be published by The Cannabis Alliance. Some restrictions apply, read below.


Here are two challenges we are currently seeking submissions for:

  • “THE TWENTY-TO-ONE CHALLENGE” Do you have a high CBD low THC strain? Is the ratio of CBD:THC in the flower greater than 20:1?
  • “THE THIRTY-PERCENT-PLUS CHALLENGE” Do you have a flower production lot that tested over 30% THCA or over 30% Total Cannabinoid?


If you answered “YES” to either of the above challenges, you may be eligible for free confirmation of that result and potential placement as the world’s record holder for multi-lab-confirmed outcome.



Because it’s FUN, it’s interesting, and it’s useful information for growers, buyers, and labs.

We’ve all heard reports of flower testing at levels that make you wonder if that is even possible. Conjecture abounds when results are driven by market forces. We want to take the conjecture out of it and put real science behind the quest to discover what the plant is capable of.



Material submitted for this challenge must originate from within the 502 production chain and be submitted by a licensed entity. The material must be of a flower lot, unadulterated, whole bud, cured and trimmed and presented as final-product. You will need at least 15 grams of excess material for testing.

You don’t have to be a producer to participate, we will take submissions from processors and retailers as well. The results from the FREE samples are for informational purposes only and do not satisfy the requirements for testing set forth in WAC-314-55-102.

Not all submissions will be granted a free confirmation. Submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on the merit of the submission and the availability of the labs for extra unpaid work.



All labs participating are member labs of The Cannabis Alliance.

Member Labs include:

  • Analytical 360
  • Confidence Analytics
  • Medicine Creek Analytics
  • Molecular Testing Labs
  • Steep Hill
  • Testing Technologies
  • Trace Analytics


The Cannabis Alliance Member labs are the most reputable in the state and have multiple Round Robin experiments demonstrating the consistency of results between them.

Want to joint this elite group? Join The Alliance.



To apply for participation in the challenge, submit your Certificate of Analysis to If you are selected, you will receive a follow up email with instructions for submitting your samples to the various labs. Labs will accept a three-gram sample of the material for analysis. You will need at least 15 grams of excess material for testing (3 grams sent to each of up to 5 labs).

Samples will be manifested to the Labs as non-mandatory samples. The results will not override the values already in traceability. The results from the FREE samples are for informational purposes only and do not satisfy the requirements for testing set forth in WAC-314-55-102.

Transport of the samples will be negotiated between the licensee and the labs. Labs will each conduct one FREE “potency-only” test examining the sample for cannabinoids using their standard method. Results will be returned to the licensee and The Cannabis Alliance.



The Cannabis Alliance will collate the results and produce a report detailing the findings from all eligible submissions who complete the exercise. The licensees and the labs will get recognition on The Cannabis Alliance webpage and on the 502cannabis Google Group.


Outcomes from this project will become the baseline for our understanding of what is possible at the extremes of the cannabis production industry.

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