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Russet Mites Prevention and Control

Our industry partners the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association is presenting a critical workshop for outdoor farmers on how to identify and deal with the crop destroying Russet Mites. There have already been some massive outbreaks and plants haven’t even gone in the ground yet! It’s imperative that we deal with the mites collectively to keep it under control, especially in areas where farms have clustered.

The event is going to fill up fast and is not open to the public; only producer-processors and their grow staff…

The Workshop:

Russets and Bioscience: The Biology of the Battle sponsored by Sound Horticulture and Phylos Bioscience. This workshop will focus on strategies for controlling russet mites and how genetic testing can help us be more efficient and identify pest resistance. Russet mites pose the biggest threat to crops and not much is known about how to control this invader. Come and learn from the professionals on the front lines.

Event: Russets, Broads & Bioscience: The Biology of the Battle

Date: May 2nd, 2017

Time: 5:00 to 8:00pm

Location: 12 Tribes Casino, Omak, WA

Cost: $40 donation to WSIA, Free to members. (Space is limited. Please RSVP on the WSIA facebook page or call 360-656-6680 to secure your spot.)

Accommodations: Take advantage of the WSIA rates at the hotel by telling the front desk you are attending when booking. Standard King rooms are available at $60 for this event (regularly $109.) And no tax!

Russet & Broad Mites: Strategies for Prevention and Control

Presented by Alison Kutz of Sound Horticulture

Alison Kutz of Sound Horticulture
Alison Kutz comes to us from 35 years of experience with biocontrols in nursery and organic production in her own wholesale operations. Working closely with growers, she has been developing pest management strategies that are a combination of natural enemies, biologically based pesticides & cultural management. Together we will unravel the mysteries of proper diagnosis. All aspects of prevention, monitoring, and maintenance from a biological perspective will be addressed.

Cannabis Bioscience: Shaping the Future of Growing

Presented by Ricky Fitts of Phylos Bioscience

Ricky Fitts of Phylos Bioscience

Early-stage plant sex testing means less soil used and makes clean soil management a realistic possibility. Early culling of males means less vegetative canopy and easier early-stage pest management. The future of Genetic testing in Cannabis points to a horizon of exploring plant allele interactions and pest resistance.

Update on LCB Workgroups & Rulemaking

by Jeremy Moberg

Jeremy Moberg CEO of Cannasol Farms and President of the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association (WSIA)

As CEO of Cannasol Farms and President of the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association (WSIA), Jeremy Moberg is an outspoken champion for sustainable, organic methods to be integrated into cannabis policy. Jeremy has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Evergreen State College, and worked as a field researcher and environmental advocate in the Ecology and Fisheries Science profession for decades. From the beginning of legalization, he has been an advocate for sustainable, organic farming methods to provide clean, safe, pesticide-free cannabis to the regulated market.  His long history as a Heritage grower and his extensive knowledge in botany, chemistry, and organic farming, coupled with his ability to articulate the complex issues this industry faces, has made him a leading resource on natural sungrown cannabis and pesticide related topics.


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