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Seattle Hempfest, born in 1991, has become a pinnacle of cannabis reform across the country. While our flagship event, the largest cannabis reform protestival in the world, is held the third weekend of August in Myrtle Edwards. We also have a year round membership program that is reaching its tendrils into the online world in lieu of Covid-19. This includes a world class digital event in October featuring speakers and performers from around the world. 


Join us on October 10th and 11th from 12pm-8pm at and become part of the birth of the Green Renaissance. This year, amid many controversies and challenges in our world we’ve narrowed our focus to how we can move past the corporatized “Green Rush” mentality. From the comfort of your home, join Hempfest for our digital event celebrating thirty years of successes, and find ways we can come together to be part of a world wide solution. Only by coming together can we manifest the changes we all hope to see in our collective society.


By becoming a global educational icon for all things activism, as well as everything cannabis and hemp related the Hempfest community can teach people from around the world all the things they never knew how to learn. Whether it’s teaching people rolls they can play in their local government as a advocate for anything they’re passionate about, to giving volunteers an opportunity to learn and practice new skills, to finding ways to integrate hemp to relieve our strained environment and more, we’re constantly connecting with new people and finding innovative ways to get great content out. 


For almost 30 years, we’ve been finding fun ways to normalize cannabis and hemp for the average American, fighting to create access for the patients that need it, while doing what we can to get people out of jail for cannabis related crimes. After all, it’s just a plant. Join our community, and stand with us in our fight for a just, equitable, and sustainable world.