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Shawn DeNae Wagenseller is co-founder of Washington Bud Company; a self-funded cannabis business that has organically grown and supplied the Puget Sound area with small batch, craft grown cannabis since 2012. It is a family oriented, life-style operation on 10 acres near Smokey Point.

Shawn DeNae believes women are in a position for the first time in modern history to help lead an industry; to shape how cannabis policy moves forward in a constructive and collaborative manner.  It is a key motivating factor that fuels her to be at the tables with law makers and industry leaders to help formulate a sustainable cannabis economy for future generations.

She is proud to serve the members of the Washington Sun and Craft Growers Association and The Cannabis Alliance as an active member on both boards of directors.

Her former activities include chairing the Health Before Happy Hour Campaign and the Cannabis Commission Action Committee.  She writes a column for Marijuana Venture; has written articles for The Everett Harold, Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Now magazines.  Shawn is asked to speak at national and local events including the Marijuana National Convention, Seattle Hempfest, Cannacon, and garden clubs. She has been highlighted in several publications including National Geographic’s Weed Issue, The Pioneers, Dope Magazine, NW LEAF and As the Grass Grows.


Shawn DeNae plans to continue education efforts until unfounded fears and misplaced morality become a thing of the reefer-madness past and the acceptance of cannabis as an honored resource for health and good stewardship defines the cannabis community.

She can be reached at 206.919.6755 /