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We have been members of The Cannabis Alliance for several years actively contributing to bettering our industry as a whole. Our membership with The Cannabis Alliance has provided incredible value for our company and it has been encouraging and empowering to see progress being made on issues inside the cannabis industry that directly affect everybody involved with cannabis, especially the consumers.  Skagit Organics is also proud to be a legacy participant in the Tested With Confidence program through Confidence Analytics. By taking an active role in shaping our industry and going above and beyond by testing every product for pesticides we continue to be Dedicated to the Advancement of a Vital, Ethical, and Sustainable cannabis industry.

Skagit Organics is a small locally owned business born and blazed in beautiful Skagit County. Established with the purpose of serving the medical cannabis community we continue to provide medicinal quality products to people that truly need them.

We specialize in ethanol extractions using only organic food grade alcohol to make all of our oils. This allows us to create a true Full Extract Cannabis Oil that can not be made using any other solvent. We offer two styles of oils across our line of extracts with both of them available in THC or CBD dominant options. The Original oils provide an incredibly deep cannabis experience and our Platinum oils can even be used in our refillable vape carts. Full extract cannabis oil, also widely known as RSO, also contains a wider range of beneficial plant constituents than other types of concentrates. Our Platinum line is a food grade distillate created from our Original oils. We have removed most of the plant fats and waxes through fractional distillation creating an oil with an ultra-high cannabinoid profile providing a super smooth, tasty experience. Enhanced with cannabis terpene profiles this oil can be smoked, eaten, dabbed, or vaped.  All of our activated oils give you a unique kind of relief you will not find with other concentrates.