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Traceability Update

If you are a licensee please read!

There are many changes coming with regards to traceability, it is in your best interest to read up on what is happening and what you need to do to prepare.

Things to note:

  • The contract with MJFreeway aka Leaf Data Systems was signed on 07/11
  • The main focus right now is on capturing data
  • There will be 6 weeks for live testing.
  • EVERY licensee needs to fill out the LCB form. Please go to to complete.
    • If you don’t sign up, you will miss out on training opportunities and won’t have access to LEAF, the new free system.  THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO HELP WITH A SMOOTH TRANSITION!
    • There have been 450 responses so far.


attention licensees

  • There are FAQ’s on LCB website:
  • WANT TO TEST LEAF?  If interested in volunteering please email: 
  • Barcode number will likely change in an effort to be more robust for the LCB.
    • Some groups have argued that many of us use the traceability system as an inventory system as well and thus visual, sequential aids are important.
    • What do YOU think? Email us!
  • LEAF strongly suggests QR codes
    • Can your printers print QR codes?
    • What issues or concerns do you have? If any?
    • Email us!

Can you tell we want to hear from YOU? EMAIL US!

LEAF - Marijuana traceability-project

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