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UW Request for Cannabis Grower Research Participants

University of Washington cannabis research

We are looking for employees at cannabis grower operations (CGO) who are interested in taking a short survey to identify health and safety needs for the cannabis production community. This survey will be used to better understand the work that you do, how you do it, and your concerns, so we can help promote safe and healthy workplaces for CGO employees.

Please click on this link to participate in this survey:


In addition, we will be measuring CGO workers’ exposure to UV radiation. We are seeking five CGOs who would be willing to participate in this UV measurement study, including allowing us to measure levels of UV light within each CGO, and UV exposures on five workers at each CGO. If interested in participating, please contact the study director, Chris Simpson (

Funding and support for this project has been provided by the State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries, Safety & Health Investment Projects.

Further information about Occupational Health and Safety in the Marijuana Industry can be found on their webpage:

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