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Responsibility for our environment and the cannabis political climate is taken seriously by the company founders.  WA Bud Co participates in a solar field project to reduce their carbon footprint, involves themselves in rule and law-making processes and freely shares information with their vast network.

The company slogan is ‘BE HAPPY!’  They strive for folks to BE HAPPY! with the flavor and density of the buds, the experiences they enjoy, the quality of their purchases and the fact that we have turned a page of history together.

The family is propelled by the vision of prospering as a multi-generational company while establishing a legacy in the cannabis industry.  This is accomplished by creating quality cannabis products that are requested by name: Washington Bud Company


BE HAPPY!  This product has intoxicating effects…..


Washington Bud Company is a family-owned cannabis business that has grown and supplied the Puget Sound area with small-batch, artisan cannabis since 2012.

WA Bud Co was focused on clean cannabis well before it was a front burner topic. The necessity to grow clean from the beginning is due to both founder’s compromised immune systems from Hepatitis C and Lyme disease.  WBC relies only on biological and environmental solutions for pest and mold management along with developing genetics that have withstood the test of time as naturally resistant to harmful pests and pathogens. This established them as the leader in WA state as the first licensed flower company to test for pesticides and heavy metals on each crop.  


The Washington Bud Company crew is dedicated to continuing the work to help patients and adults experience the benefits of cannabis. Whether people enjoy it for purpose or pleasure they believe it is meant to be enjoyed responsibly.