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Your Alliance at Work

The Cannabis Alliance

Your Alliance at Work

Ongoing. Meetings, meetings and more meetings with legislators, regulators and other strategic partners…

The Cannabis Penalties workgroup sessions are happening with high frequency, meeting consistently with the WSLCB since March helping to develop a draft rule set which should be distributed to all stakeholders sometime in August.

Consistent pressure on and conversations with the LCB on the Packaging & Labeling BIP’s which limited the use of color on edible packaging. Due to these conversations the state is in full re-evaluation on the BIP’s and their approach to what is deemed “especially appealing to children.”

We are in ongoing conversations with cannabis associations from across the nation as a participant in NCIA’s Allied Association Program.


1st and 2nd: Alliance makes a splash at Interchange
8th: Continued discussions with Snohomish Health District on protecting children utilizing education as the main tool for prevention.
13th: Bill signing for 5605. Thanks Sen Nguyen and Rep Fitzgibbons for your leadership!
20th: Board and staff of The Alliance attend a non-profit conference for continuing education. Always working to make our association stronger and more powerful for our members.
21st: The Alliance and our members participate in research and training on impairment and cannabis at a “green lab” in Ellensburg. We partnered with Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to assist them with their Boating Under the Influence (BUI) training while simultaneously teaming up with Dr Lovrich of WSU and Prof. Michael Milburn (UMass Boston) to help them study impairment utilizing the DRUID app-based assessment.
Download the DRUID today and see what you think.

29th: Packaging & Labeling rules officially opened to incorporate our petitions on the thickness of plastic packaging and to eliminate the requirement for external measuring cups for infused beverages. These petitions were drafted specifically to address the waste from our industry. #winning


6th: meet with Hillard Heintze, Inc, an independent consultant firmed hired to conduct a comprehensive independent review of the LCB’s Enforcement Division
6th: Meeting with Gov Jay Inslee, Sen Nguyen and The Black Cannabis Commission to talk next steps regarding equity on the cannabis industry.
11th: Presentation at the Issaquah Senior Center on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
13th: Voting Opens for The Alliance Board of Directors. Board President Danielle Rosellison completes the first full term of a board member since four organizations merged in 2016 to form The Cannabis Alliance. Read some answers from Danielle in this quarter’s Board interview below.

22nd-23rd: Participate in “Green Lab” Leavenworth. The Alliance and its members help with more data collection for the DRUID app.

24th: Meet with the WSDA to discuss the state of cannabis and hemp in WA State and discuss visions of the future.
26th: Participated in a discussion with organizations from around the nation, led by Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA), about Oregon’s recent success with export legislation.
27th: 2019-2020 Alliance Board sworn in. Board selects Caitelin Ryan as new board President.


12th: Board retreat to chart the next path for the organization and on-board the newly elected members of the team.
13th: planned outage begins for implementation of Leaf Data System v.1.37.5
14th: Bellingham Budfest

16th: Leaf goes live.

Alliance starts advocating hard for alternative solutions. Please read our Open Letter here for a full update on what we’ve been doing and will continue to do until there is an adequate solution.
17th: Alliance brings members to the LCB to talk more specifically about P&L edible restrictions
17th: Cannabis Advisory Council meeting at the LCB.

24th: Social Consumption committee goes on a field trip to Portland to check out a cannabis social use venue.

25th: Speaker of the House Candidate Meet & Greet. The Alliance accepts an invitation by the Members of the House Democratic Caucus to meet the candidates seeking the position of Speaker.
(Update: Laurie Jinkins has been selected as next Speaker)

Upcoming Events*

All these events and more can be found here.


“Marijuana Lounge” Town Hall Meeting
Green Lady Shoppe Olympia, WA 01:00 PM


General Meeting
Wood Technology Center Seattle, WA 12:00 PM


Summer Cypher Pt 2
Herban Legends Seattle, WA 03:00 PM


Cannabis Science Conference
Oregon Convention Center Starts at 08:00 AM


Efficient Yield Cultivation Workshop
Lighting Design Lab Seattle, WA 04:30 PM


RAD Expo
Oregon Convention Center Portland, OR 10:00 AM

*All listed events are from our member community. If you would like to list an event, please consider becoming a member.

Interview with a Board Member

Danielle Rosellison

Danielle just completed a full term (that’s three years!) as a board member of The Cannabis Alliance. All three years she served as Board President. Danielle still continues to serve the organization as an adjunct board member. She is also “Boss Lady” at Trail Blazin’ Productions, cultivating award winning, pesticide free, sustainably grown legal cannabis.

What do we do better than anyone else in our field?

You know when you analyze the issues Americans face today, it’s easy to see that they are all interconnected. You can’t solve immigration if we don’t address welfare. You can’t address welfare, if we don’t look at education. We can’t address education unless we look at poverty. It’s all interconnected. The Cannabis Alliance does a really good job at looking at issues from all sides. It’s really easy to get caught up in what “my problems” are and how to fix them, but when you talk to the labs and the retailers and the consumers, you realize the unintended consequences. By having us all at the table together, we come up with policy suggestions that will withstand the test of time and help advance a vital, ethical and sustainable cannabis industry.

What do we do that is the hardest to fund?

Lobbying. It’s expensive and seems so distant. It’s a HUGE mountain to climb, and one that you don’t see immediate results. Our problems are NOW, but lobbying helps fix our problems in the future. It’s tough, but it’s necessary. It’s imperative that everyone helps contribute what they can, either time, money or both.

What keeps the board leadership up at night when thinking about this organization?

How to move a mountain, one thimble full at a time, and all those that are suffering in the meantime.

What scares you most about the future of our organization?

That not enough members are doing their part to help The Alliance survive and further our needs. We need active members who pay their dues, are involved with committees, recruit other members, read The Alliance Google Group, volunteer to help, take the surveys and invest in the future of the organization.

For instance, I buy everything I can off of The Shop on The Alliance website because a percentage of the money I spend goes to The Alliance.

I also have a draft email that I copy and paste to anyone who is asking for me to buy something from them (you know the LinkedIn message requests, the multiple emails every morning that clutter your inbox, etc.). It states “Are you a member of The Cannabis Alliance? We only make time to discuss business opportunities with companies who value the same things that we do, and support associations, like The Cannabis Alliance, that help the WA Cannabis industry move forward in a vital, ethical and sustainable way.” Until the company sends me their receipt for membership, I won’t talk to them and even then, they only get 15 minutes of my time. If I decide to use the companies services, I make sure they send me their current receipt every time before I order to make sure that they are still members and supporting the good work The Alliance is doing.

We’re all busy; I get it. But if we don’t all pull our weight and help The Alliance thrive, our businesses and community will continue to suffer. The Alliance is worth the effort.

Meet The Board

Members of The Alliance

The Cannabis Alliance welcomes its newest members

  • The Tracy Roberts Group
  • 2020 Solutions
  • Rooted Leaf Agritech
  • Peak Supply Co
  • Yield Farms
  • 10X Cannabis
  • True Northwest Labs
  • Agriair
  • Greenworks NW
  • Dynamic Processors
  • Lane Powell
  • J Venture Magazine
  • Thank you to our Rhodium Member
  • The Verte Advisors
  • Thank you to our Gold and Platinum members


  • 420WholesalePack
  • CannaSiteCo.
  • CannGen Insurance Services LLC
  • Confidence Analytics
  • Eden Labs
  • GTH (Gordon Thomas Honeywell) Law – Ryan Espegard
  • Herban Legends
  • Legacy Organics
  • Rooted Leaf Agritech
  • THC A Division of the High (The High Society)
  • The Law Office of Ryan R. Agnew, PS
  • The NCRMA


  • 2020 Solutions
  • Anatek Labs
  • Arkley Accounting Group
  • Boveda
  • Brower, Rachael
  • Buddy’s WA
  • Canna Ventures
  • Canna-Con
  • Cannabis City
  • CASP
  • Clarity Farms
  • Confident Cannabis
  • Db3 Incorporated (Zoots)
  • Discovery Bay Cannabis
  • Dockside
  • Forever Green Herbal
  • Forever Green Indoors
  • Ganjapreneur
  • Greenworks NW
  • MainStem
  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance
  • Northwest Cannabis
  • NW Stash House
  • Resource Innovation Institute (RII)
  • Royal Tree Gardens
  • Simply Mary Jane
  • Skagit Organics
  • Swifts Brands Inc
  • Tamerlane Trading Co.
  • Testing Technologies
  • The CPC
  • Top Shelf Data
  • Trail Blazin Productions
  • True Terpenes
  • Uncle Ikes
  • Viridian Staffing
  • WeedTraqr
  • World of Weed
  • Worldwide Facilities, LLC

Special Thanks to member Cannabis Observer for everything you do for our community

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