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Your Alliance at Work – March

At the end of February, the COVID-19 crisis was starting to heat up, but  no-one had any idea how quickly this was going to move.

  • March 3rd – Seattle announced a state of emergency and we contacted the Governor’s office to discuss the importance of cannabis as an industry to the economy and being able to stay open during any shutdowns.
  • Throughout March we kept in close contact with the LCB around the potential shutdowns of retail stores and how to create a safer environment for customers & staff in retail locations including discussions around curbside delivery.
  • We also worked with cities and counties that were considering creating their own “Shelter in Place” requirements that wouldn’t allow cannabis sales to take place to declare cannabis “an essential business” to allow our industry to stay open.
  • March 17th – LCB released guidance on curbside delivery for qualified medical patients.
  • March 20, we sent the LCB the various additional steps the industry had voluntarily undertaken to ensure customer and staff safety and to enforce the social distancing rules recommended by the State Board of Health to demonstrate the cannabis industry’s due diligence.
  • March 23, we sent a formal letter to the Governor and the Director of the Washington Department of Commerce formally requesting that cannabis be recognized as an essential industry, protecting our supply chain and asking for assistance from the Department of Commerce for our cannabis industry members who are harmed as a result of this crisis.
  • March 24th – Curbside delivery beyond qualified medical patients to allow sales to all adult customers.

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