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We Get Results

We finished the legislative session in a strong position with notable legislative and regulatory wins, most significantly the passage of a senate bill to expunge criminal records for simple cannabis convictions. We have a strong team of educated and accomplished individuals including a contract lobbyist with a stellar reputation and who shares the values of our organization. We are leading the conversation as it pertains to lab standardization, edible regulations, state traceability, medical access, and small business protections.
SB 5365, Cannabis Research Commission: Support of the idea was voiced by bipartisan legislators, Craft Cannabis Coalition, Washington Sungrowers Industry Association and Washington Cannabusiness Association.
Replacing the term “marijuana” with the term “cannabis” – Provided education on the history and impact of the use of the word marijuana in statute and especially “marihuana”.
Passed HB 1105, Arrest Protection through the House of Representatives with ⅔ vote and bipartisan support.
Worked closely with the state legislature to help draft and ensure the passage of Senate Bill 5605, allowing for the vacation of thousands of cannabis misdemeanors.
Worked with the WSLCB and state legislature to change from an enforcement culture of fines and harsh penalties to a culture of education, directly helping licensees stay compliant with the law.
Lobbied for the removal of a 24 hour holding period for deliveries allowing for faster turnaround time of orders, and the removal of the 72 hour holding period for waste material.

Completed and participated in a UV exposure research grant in partnership with the UW.

Currently participating in impairment research with Washington State University.

Due to our consistent pressure the state is in full re-evaluation of their approach to packaging & labeling and what is deemed “especially appealing to children”.
Successfully petitioned the WSLCB to open rule making in order to address the waste from our industry. Effectively reducing some waste by 50%.
Advocated for the standardization of laboratory methods for cannabis testing, resulting in the passage of HB2052, transferring lab accreditation from the WSLCB to the Department of Ecology.
…and so much more