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The Cannabis Alliance believes that the real work gets done within our committees. This is where members who share a specific passion come together to identify important industry issues, and then work collaboratively to find solutions. The Alliance provides our committee members with the resources and support needed to reach their common goals.

Why Join a Committee?


Enjoy just getting out, connecting, and working with others within the cannabis community


Get the chance to lead your own committee or project. Perhaps even become a board member one day!


Gain new knowledge or broaden your current specialized skill set


Expand your personal and professional network with new internal contacts


Get an inside look at how things work within The Alliance and the greater cannabis community


Serve the cannabis community at a greater level and contribute to the growth and future success of The Alliance


Gain more positive exposure for you or your business through your work and actions


What Committees are Available to join?

Community Engagement

This committee is all about normalization through investing in our local communities, whether it is through community clean up projects, organizing around policies and legislation, or working with industry partners to host events. Join us in our hearts and minds campaign and join the community outreach committee today.


We need help developing donors and fundraising for our mission.  If you have fundraising or sales skills we need you to help us grow!  Please reach out and consider joining our Fundraising Committee today! 


This committee focuses on both internal education for the industry as well as educating the greater community about cannabis, CBD and cannabis.  We will be working on creating continuing education for budtenders, as well helping to write curriculum for higher education.  

Equity and Justice

This committee is dedicated to finding the spaces where we as an industry can grow to be more inclusive, and to help those that have been hurt by the drug war. Whether it is through our expungement efforts, or finding innovative ways to make our space more inclusive for our communities of color this committee is a core part of our values here at The Cannabis Alliance. Participate in our by weekly discussions by joining this committee today!


Do you more have a passion for throwing events? In addition to our Annual Cannabis Summit and Lobby Day each year,  we host a wide variety of events throughout the year. We are looking for folks who have a passion for event planning and would like to help us bring people together under the TCA banner. 


If you have a passion for all things hemp this is the committee for you! Join our highly knowledgeable committee for all things hemp. 

Human Resources

This committee looks at the human element in the cannabis industry, whether it is hiring, engaging or disciplining employees and keeping them safe in the workplace.


Our legislative committee is where we keep track of all relevant legislation concerning or affecting our industry.  This essential team of members discusses legislation, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. This committee is by application only, and a one year commitment. We review all applications in September so if you are interested in this please reach out. 


Patients are the cornerstone of our industry. As we shape adult use across Washington it is essential that patients are kept at the center of the conversation. Often their needs are very different than the needs of the greater market. We believe fighting to make sure patents have access to clean, affordable medicine is a must.  If you agree consider joining the Patient committee today!

Social Consumption

In Washington State while we have legal adult use cannabis we do not have a form of social consumption. If you are renting or a tourist this can cause barriers and force you to violate state law to consume a legal product.  This committee is dedicated to crafting legislation to create laws and licenses to allow for social consumption through lounges, banquet permits and other avenues. 


A core mission of The Alliance is to make our industry as sustainable as possible. If you have a passion for the environment, and shaping policy that is both sustainable for our industry and planet this is the committee for you.  


Membership is what makes The Cannabis Alliance so strong! It is through your voices that we shape our advocacy work and advise regulatory bodies that affect our industry.  We are always looking for volunteers to help increase our membership by recruiting new members, and helping us make our current membership a strong ROI.


We staff booths for conventions, special events, parties and networking events through our Volunteer Committee


 In this committee we focus on creating events, activities, and foster discussion that encourage woman to come together and empower themselves and each other. 

Create your own Committee!

Do you have a passion you would like our membership to get involved with? Gold level members and above are able to create and chair a committee. Committee chairs are essential to a successful committee. If you are interested in chairing or starting a committee use the contact form below. 

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