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Executive Director

Caitlein Ryan, PhD

Ten years later, Caitlein continues to work hard for a sensible adult use marketplace by working with businesses, organizations, legislators, and government agencies to develop policy that will shape the cannabis industry in Washington State and beyond.

When she’s not being a warrior for the plant she loves, Caitlein is spending time with her four kiddos making silliness and following their lead on all things.  In all things she’s always delighted to share the power of the plant! 

Caitlein has a PhD from Arizona State University where she focused on arts education, qualitative research, and social justice.  When Washington passed ballot measure i502 legalizing adult-use cannabis, Caitlein became an early licensee and stakeholder in the new emerging market.  In this new role, she applied her experience in arts education advocacy to the cannabis industry.  She is a founding member and the first president of the Central Washington Growers Association, which focused on community engagement and local government in Central Washington.   Since the passage of i502, Caitlein has grown her scope of influence to the state and federal level.  From the beginning of adult use, Caitlein understood to be an ethical participant in the industry meant that she would have to put her extensive background in activism, community development, and education to use.