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Doxieworks LLC is an Internet marketing agency specializing in mobile app solutions and geotargeted mobile display cannabis advertising for small businesses.

Why is the smartphone important?   Lookout research shows 91% of smartphone users have their phone within reach 24 hours a day, 58% don’t go one hour without checking their smartphone. The smartphone today is at the center of digital marketing. Fortune 1000 companies in the past decade have moved a larger percentage of their brand advertising budget to mobile display advertising. With expansive demographic databases and geotargeting technology, the ability to target and find new customers is now easier to present their brand message. 

Doxieworks has licensed the same platform to reach the mobile device audiences the Fortune 1000 companies have been using. We can offer advertising programs at a fraction of the costs that the large digital agencies offer to their corporate clients.

Cannabis Internet advertising currently has challenges and limitations. There are many rigid state regulations to meet. Google and Bing search engines do not allow purchasing AdWords to target cannabis users. Also majority of internet ad networks don’t allow cannabis advertising, we have relationships with several ad networks willing to run cannabis ads.

As illustrated in the photo above, with the polygon json geotargeting technology we can target specific locations and capture smartphone anonymous ad IDs in that geo-fenced area. Only capturing the cannabis user’s devices that have shown their 21+ ID and entered the shop, helping meet state cannabis advertising regulations. In Washington State we have received written approval from the LCB for using this technology to market cannabis.

Once the target audience data has been collected, we utilize the programmatic advertising networks to place ads only on the devices we have identified. These ads show in thousands of apps and websites where ads run in between the publisher’s content. The ads land in the content cannabis users most frequent, from Weedmaps, Seattle Times, USA Today, Weather Channel to CNN.

Doxieworks is the first to offer this digital marketing solution to the cannabis market in 10 states. We have focused our efforts on providing this service to small businesses. The major corporations have dominated the mobile ad platforms the past decade and we strive to help local businesses advertise on the mobile platform.

Want to learn more?  Call Charles at 425-295-8957 or email