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No Incarceration for Home Cultivation!

The purpose of this march is to raise awareness among Washingtonians that Homegrow is still illegal without a medical authorization.  Not only is it illegal, it is a Class C Felony!

We are one of only two adult use states that does not have an allowance for growing a plant at home and the only state that considers a single plant a class C felony. 

In addition to simple common sense, this is a civil rights issue seeing people of color incarcerated at higher rates than their white counterparts for the same activities and exponentially higher rates for activities that can carry felony charges.

Homegrow has always been a medical access issue, but now that there are fewer than 90 stores in WA capable of issuing or renewing a medical registrations and only four medically compliant producer/processors in Washington state, growing at home without an authorization is often the only way patients can access plant medicine. 

Ultimately, the bottom line is:

We believe growing a plant should not be a crime.

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This list is only for the homegrow effort in Washington state.  Receive information about the march and alerts on calls to action and bill movement once the legislative session resumes.

Join the cause!