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In 2020 we’ve expanded our packaging waste committee to encompass sustainable energy solutions & fixing our bio waste problem. With that expansion, we’ve rebranded the committee to the Sustainable Cannabis Committee, to properly reflect the wider scope.

I’ve served on the board in a variety of rolls, starting out as an adjunct board member & now serving as the Vice President of the Cannabis Alliance & board member. I truly believe there is no better organization out there to advance our industry forward & tackle the many difficult challenges we still face as an industry.

I’ve been in the cannabis industry for 5 years. Before entering the cannabis industry, I was involved with multiple business ventures over an almost 25 year business career. During my time in the cannabis industry I’ve been running, a local packaging manufacturer & distributor. We’ve provided a variety of cannabis packaging solutions to the industry and we’re getting ready to roll out our new US-made joint tubes made from recycled plastic. 

I’ve been a member of the cannabis alliance for 4 years & have continued to get more involved every year. In 2018 I started the packaging waste committee where we passed some important rule changes at the LCB, to significantly reduce our plastic waste. Those were important first steps, in a much larger goal of creating an industry free from single use plastic.