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’ve served on the board in a variety of rolls, starting out as an adjunct board member, committee chair, board Vice President & now the Board President of the Cannabis Alliance. In the 4th Qtr of 2023 I was hired as CFO for the cannabis alliance.

I’ve been in the cannabis industry since 2015 starting 420WholesalePack & SnoCo Packaging, a cannabis packaging supplier located in Arlington, WA.  Before entering the cannabis industry, I was the president of Jurgen Industries for 2 decades & have been an entrepreneur since 1995.

I’ve been a member of the cannabis alliance since 2017. In 2018 I started the packaging waste committee where we passed some important rule changes at the LCB, to significantly reduce our plastic waste that took effect on 1/1/2020. We got rid of dosing caps for infused beverages and reduced the bag thickness requirement by 50% saving over 200 tons of plastic to date. Those were important first steps, in a much larger goal of creating a more sustainable industry for not only packaging, but also looking at energy & water usage, organic waste and any other areas we can improve to make our industry more sustainable.