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This legislation removes the 37% tax on compliant products to patients registered in the database. Removing the almost 40% tax for this small but important base of our vulnerable population making this the most important measure we can take to save medical cannabis in WA. It incentivizes the production of compliant products while also incentivizing retail owners to stock these products. It brings purchasing of the product within financial reach of well-qualified patients, going a long way to address the top reason patients are not accessing the market.

Beyond the very practical reasons to support HB 1453:


For this hearing, we have a simple and easy action that will only take a couple of minutes: Please sign in PRO for the hearing on Tuesday 1/24.  The committee hears us when we show support with an impressive list of folks in favor and HB 1453 needs to pass this year.

PRO today.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select for Committee: Regulated Substances and Gaming
  3. Select for Meetings: 1/24/2023 @ 4:00p
  4. Select radial button for HB 1453 – Providing a tax exemption for medical cannabis patients
  5. Select “I would like my position noted for the legislative record”
  6. Fill in form making sure to select Pro
  7. Submit

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