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Adjunct Board Member
Ryan Moses – Parker Smith and Feek

As a Producer at Parker, Smith & Feek, Ryan provides benefit plan design and consulting services for small to mid-sized employers in a wide range of industries.

Ryan works with our account service teams to develop responsive insurance programs that address the special needs of a diverse group of clients, with a focus on cannabis, manufacturing, and hospitality organizations. Ryan has expertise in a variety of health benefit areas, including employee benefit strategies, health promotion and wellness, employee education, and communication. Ryan is adept in developing comprehensive employee benefits plans that are advantageous to both the organization and its employees.

Ryan started his career with Premera Blue Cross in 1998, working with hospitals to manage patient stays. Ryan began working at PacifiCare/United Healthcare in 2005, where he managed the Pacific Employer’s Alliance Trust. He joined Parker, Smith & Feek in November 2013 with a focus on small and mid-sized employer groups. Ryan received his B.A. in communications from Washington State University.

Ryan joined The Cannabis Alliance as an Adjunct Board Member to help the Cannabis Alliance find ways to support community and help the Cannabis Alliance with the advancement of a vital, ethical, equitable, and sustainable cannabis industry.