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Our Co-Presenting Sponsor Skagit Organics

SKAGIT ORGANICS is a cannabis company that has found success where few others have – Washington’s emerging recreational cannabis industry.

Skagit Organics embodies the type of company that was envisioned by the framers of Washington’s regulated cannabis market. They’re a small locally owned company creating the type of safe, high-quality cannabis products that only a legal market could provide. Unfortunately they are one of the few companies that can make this claim. The regulated market in Washington has not been kind to many of the cannabis businesses that have come and gone in the last eight years while Skagit Organics has thrived. 

They have succeeded in large part because of their focus and dedication to creating specialized products for the forgotten medical cannabis patients, patients that have had their medicinal options restricted in this new recreational cannabis market. This has helped them build a recognizable brand, a brand that actually means something to people. Skagit Organics is a name that conveys a sense of local pride and quality that connects to customers on an emotional and personal level. The Skagit Valley is world famous for its farmland and agricultural companies, in particular seeds and Tulips. You can now add cannabis to that list thanks to Skagit Organics. 

Skagit Organics has earned its place in the industry by creating clean, consistent cannabis products, by their efforts to normalize cannabis, and by their creativity in connecting directly with the people that actually use their products. They place tremendous value on this personal connection, even in a market that does not allow the sale of products directly to the end user. They have created a strong following by honoring the essence of the cannabis plant and remembering those at the heart of the cannabis community…medical cannabis patients. Since their first day in operation they have focused on providing the highest quality full plant extracts that have all but disappeared in Washington during the transition from a long established “medicinal” market to a highly regulated “recreational” market.. Full plant extract (also known as RSO) provides patients with a complete spectrum of compounds found in the cannabis plant in a concentrated, easy to use oil. This gives RSO its unique healing properties, and has made it highly sought-after by patients around the world. This type of oil has been Skagit Organics’ specialty from day one. 

They are actively involved with their community through the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Skagit Valley Tulip festival, and local farmers markets. They’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help normalize cannabis and improve the entire cannabis industry as part of The Cannabis Alliance, Washingtion’s leading cannabis trade group dedicated to the advancement of an ethical, equitable, and sustainable cannabis industry. 

In addition to its retail business and community outreach, Skagit Organics also works with many producers and processors within the cannabis industry, providing extraction services and product development. They have partnered with several companies to launch national cannabis brands, companies that have sought out Skagit Organics for their experience and for their reputation as an honest and ethical company. They are excited to put their reputation behind these unique products such as Space Weed, the worlds finest fresh-frozen freeze-dried flower, and OLA culinary oils, the markets most versatile infused oil used to spice up a cocktail, drizzled on a salad dressing, or added to your favorite meals.  

Skagit Organics has also recently launched several brands of their own outside of the regulated THC market – Skagit Naturals and Northwest Natural Care. These brands both provide direct-to-consumer access to high quality CBD and CBG extracts through a variety of products available on-line and in many retail retail outlets. Extracting hemp from local farmers right here in Washington, these products are produced to the same quality standards found in Skagit Organics’ cannabis products. Perfect for people who can not consume cannabis products but are still looking to enjoy the health benefits of cannabinoid supplmentation. 

They’ve also recently launched Skagit Wellness, a consultation company that employs Washington State Department of Health certified medical cannabis consultants offering education and information directly to the public. Working with local doctors and many of the retail cannabis stores across the state, people can now access reliable and accurate information about medical cannabis in Washington. They are the only organization in the state offering these types of services.

For those people looking to incorporate cannabis and hemp products into their wellness routine, look no further than Skagit Organics. They have the knowledge, experience, and reputation to help you safely and confidently improve your quality of life.  If you are looking to take control of your health through cannabinoid supplementation please contact Skagit Organics with your questions or concerns.

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