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High potency has been a hot topic within the prevention community for a few years.  We have seen some legislation from time to time here in Washington with ill-informed attempts to limit the concentration of THC in products in an effort to treat cannabis like alcohol.  Unsurprisingly, this legislation has only served to highlight how little acknowledgement is given to the complexity of cannabis in prevention circles.  Proponents of limiting THC did not propose legislation in the last biennium, however we can expect to see some proposals in January. 

ADAI or Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute at The University of Washington held a symposium last week to share ideas about cannabis and reveal the results of the survey some of you may have participated in at the beginning of the summer.  The view of the symposium can be summed up by Rep. Lauren Davis claiming the cannabis industry “is a predatory industry”.  Please watch (or listen to) what you can and let us know your thoughts.  We will be releasing a comprehensive response and we welcome your feedback.

We have successfully kept this misguided replacement for education and community outreach from entering our regulatory environment in years past, and we expect to continue to do so with your help.  If you would like to get involved with our Legislative Committee, you can email us to get involved or if you’d like to donate to DAVEES PAC to support our lobbying effort, you can click the button below. 

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