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Temporary Curbside Sales for All

  • Applies to: Cannabis Retailers

At this time, cannabis producers, processors and retailers are considered essential and not required to close due to the coronavirus restrictions. However, to promote social distancing, the LCB is temporarily expanding curbside sales beyond qualified medical patients to allow sales to all adult customers as long as certain restrictions are in place.  This is an option in addition to mandatory measures for retail establishments set forth by Gov. Inslee and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  • Drive-thru windows are not allowed;
  • IDs must be checked — no one in the car may be less than 21 years of age;
  • Curbside sales areas must be stationary and physically designated on the leasehold property, preferably as close to the building as possible. Examples of physical designations for curbside service include:
    • Tape or painted parking spots for vehicle parking;
    • Cones or signage for vehicle parking;
  • Where possible, video cameras should be monitoring and recording the designated sales area;
  • Outdoor sales from a tent or kiosk are not allowed.

Further clarification about everyone in the car being 21 from the LCB: 

A car with what appears to be parent and children in the vehicle; person ordering and paying for product needs to be over 21, the person’s children do not need to get out of the car.

I know there is a lot of grey in the allowance, and the LCB is seeking reasonability, so some additional rules of thumb are:

    • If the order is being placed by multiple people, check all IDs.
    • If money is changing hands in the car for the purchase, check all IDs.
    • If everyone is youthful and multiple products are being purchased, check all IDs.

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