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URGENT! Call to Action for HB1692

Write the House Democratic Leadership and sponsors of 1692 NOW!

We must get HB1692 – H AMD 86 out of the house TODAY!!!!

1692 clarifies that the cultivation of cannabis is an agricultural activity. The bill is currently hung up because the Democratic house is concerned about a conflict between the original bill and language that the Union added as it passed out of committee. The Cannabis Alliance is working hard to rectify the issue directly with the union but we have no more time to lose. If the bill doesn’t get out of the House TODAY it’s over until next year.

Small farmers, outdoor farmers, cannabis farmers of varying types and the cannabis industry as a whole doesn’t have the luxury of time to wait another year. Please help flood in boxes with this message. Thank you!

Personalized emails to the sponsors and democratic leadership will be the most effective. 

Those people are below.

Personalize the message below NOW!

Subject: Please bring 1692 to a floor vote

Dear Representative,

Of all the cannabis legislation this year, HB 1692 is the only bill that would support small farms across the state. These small farms are the cornerstone of the cannabis industry in WA, and a large reason why I-502 passed. The people voted to establish and support small businesses.

I respectfully request your affirmative vote on HB 1692 (incorporating Representative Buys’ proposed strikers), and to urge you to ensure that it be brought to the floor for a vote.

We are actively working with the union to address the language they inserted. While we agree with their intent, their execution and the language, accidentally gutted the bill losing all meaning and support for small businesses. These small businesses are exactly the types of businesses that want to support workers rights. Not moving forward with the 1692 striker will hinder these businesses, creating more consolidation by large companies who tend to not value workers rights. Waiting until next year may be too late.

I strongly urge you to move HB 1692, with Buys amendments to the floor for a vote.

Thank you for your support and your unwavering dedication to the great state of Washington.


[Your name, title, and Business]


PLEASE CALL RIGHT NOW AND TELL YOUR STORY.  You’ll talk to the legislative assistant.  They are really nice.  IT MATTERS!!  Call regardless, but ESPECIALLY if you’re in any of the below districts:
Frank Chopp 43
Tina Orwell 33
John Lovick 44
Pat Sullivan 47
Eric Pettigrew 37
Marcus Riccelli 3
Gael Tarleton 36
Lillian Ortiz-Self 21
Larry Springer 45
Jessyn Farrell 46
Steve Bergquist 11
Mike Chapman 24
Joan McBride 48
Stanford 1
Blake 19
Sawyer 29
Fitzgibbon 34
Lytton 40

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