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COVID-19 Resources for the Cannabis Industry

We are essential!  What does that mean?  

We are going to keep a list of resources for our members here on this page during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pickup Training Resources:
      1. Quick Training Video. Watch this video for a quick overview of the functionality.
      2. Check to see if you can connect your printer. Leafly Pickup can integrate with these listed Receipt Printers. Integrating your printer is the BEST way to receive new order notifications, as a receipt will be printed out with every new order. Check to make sure you have a printer plugged in, networked with your desktop, and positioned at a station where you’d like to receive new orders. We can integrate the printer together on the call, or you can follow up afterwards with tech support to get some help. 
      3. Take a look at the Pickup Manual. You’ll find it here. Everything we’re going to cover in the training is documented in this manual. Take some time with your staff to review this before the call so that you can get the most out of the call as possible.