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Meet the New Executive Team

Caitlein Ryan, Executive Director; Jason Lammers, President; Jessica Pichardo, Vice President; Matthew Friedlander, Treasurer; Shawn DeNae Wagenseller, Secretary

Leading this trade group takes devoted advocates willing to commit three years dedicated to the advancement of an ethical, equitable, and sustainable cannabis industry. We are thrilled to announce our recently voted-in executive team!

(This is a repost of July, 2023 Current News)

Executive Director: Caitlein Ryan, PhD /

Caitlein leads our organization with a dazzling smile and a deep understanding of the Washington cannabis industry. She is a mother of four, owns a tier three cultivation company in Eastern WA, founder of Sound Cultivation plus served as The Alliance President and interim ED during the covid pandemic.  Those years proved that Caitlein’s leadership abilities are resilient, and the relationships formed with regulators and lawmakers are respected and highly valuable. The organization is thankful that Dr. Ryan’s passion for the work continues as our full-time Executive Director.

President: Jason Lammers /

Jason of based in Arlington, WA and works tirelessly to find environmentally friendly packaging and bio-waste solutions as the Chair of The Alliance Sustainability Committee. He has his finger on the pulse of our industry as he travels the West Coast serving cannabis businesses. Jason also packs his bags to represent The Alliance in Washington D.C. and the various trade shows across the country.  The Cannabis Alliance is honored to have Jason’s energy and sharp business mind focused on our mission.

Vice President: Jessica Pichardo /

Jessica is a powerhouse for the cannabis community wearing several hats in retail operations and advocacy. She is the operations manager for Dockside Cannabis four retail stores and the founder of Canna Luz; shedding light on cannabis issues by providing consultation and information. Jessica co-chairs The Alliance Equity and Justice Committee and her leadership skills are on display at every meeting.

Treasurer: Matthew Friedlander /

Matthew’s company, Skagit Organics, leads the effort to provide the market with medical-grade cannabis products and who deeply understands the processes and testing needed to provide clean cannabis to consumers. Matt’s thoughtful dedication to help guide rule-making, promote our goals and keep our organization’s books in balance is highly valued and we thank him for his commitment to helping lead the organization.

Secretary: Shawn DeNae Wagenseller /

Shawn and her family grow cannabis on their property in Snohomish County and began serving the medical community in early 2012. Her advocacy for cannabis reform began in 2010 and her company has been a member of The Alliance since its formation. She officially joined the board of directors in September 2022 and was voted in as a member of the executive team as secretary in June 2023. Shawn’s communication skills and broad social connections to the cannabis community are assets that will serve our organization well.

Board seats are coming up for a vote this September. Please consider throwing your hat in the ring and join us on The Cannabis Alliance Board of Directors, led by this dynamic executive team.

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