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Alliance baord members attend Everett Pride event

Meet Your Newest Board Member and Summer Fun!

Meet your newest board member, Ryan Sevigny!

Ryan Sevigny, President Landrace Brands and newest Alliance board member.
Ryan Sevigny

Ryan Sevigny (pronounced 7-E) is the founder of a Tier II Producer/Processor Cannabis operation located in Oroville, Washington, just south of the Canadian Border. Ryan also serves as the President of Landrace Brands and during his first two years in this role the company launched 3 new brands and 5 new product lines. Landrace is firmly committed to sustainable growing and processing methods which help reduce the company’s footprint on mother nature; creating products that are unquestionably safe and clean to consume.
As a stakeholder in the industry, Ryan feels compelled to help lead the way to smart, sensible reforms for cannabis farmers, hold the people in charge of regulating this industry accountable and advocate for a sustainable small business driven cannabis industry. Ryan also considers Washington State uniquely positioned to build a better cannabis community, putting people and plant front and center. Leaning on nearly a decade of experience in the wine industry, Ryan has a unique viewpoint on how the cannabis industry needs to develop. Since the beginning of his cannabis company, Ryan has been fortunate to advocate on behalf of the cannabis industry as a member & Adjunct Board member of the Cannabis Alliance, he serves on the board of the WA Sun and Craft Growers and also served as a board member with the Cannabis Farmers Council. He has been a guest lecture at Evergreen State College, presented to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and appear on the popular podcast Leaf Life.
Ryan was born and raised in the Richland, Washington and enjoys spending time with his wife Carin, daughter Grace and son Jude, gardening, hiking and whenever possible playing a little golf.

The Alliance and PRIDE

Alliance baord members attend Everett Pride event
Alliance Board Attends Everett Pride Event

Board President, Jason Lammers along with Executive Director, Caitlein Ryan and board members Keith Boyce and Shawn DeNae had great conversations during the Everett Pride event at Forrest Park in June.

Community events provide an opportunity for our board to hear from the public. Their stories of how cannabis has helped them or a loved one are frequent, heartfelt and powerful. Telling our cannabis stories is an impactful way to help better understand the plethora of beneficial outcomes of responsible cannabis use.

A re-occurring topic of education is commonly around growing cannabis at home. Citizens overwhelmingly tend to believe that legalizing cannabis meant their home garden activities are safe from scrutiny.  The Cannabis Alliance takes every opportunity to educate those home gardeners that they are indeed at risk. The laws addressing home grow make it an illegal activity in WA state. The only legal way to grow non-commercially is to be a registered patient with the Department of Health.

The Cannabis Alliance has committed to attend public events to continue educating the public about the laws, rules and benefits surrounding cannabis.

Happy Independence Day!

4th of July Parades Celebrate Freedom of All Types

Alliance members celebrated the 4th of July across the state. The current political climate is revealing how delicate our democracy is to uphold. It takes regular citizens to pay attention, find common ground and become informed voters.

Advocacy groups, including The Alliance, work hard to represent our membership and we are most effective when we hear from our members.

We have arranged convenient ways for you to speak to and hear from The Alliance board.  There are several ways to engage:

Office Hours every Monday and Friday

Happy Hour every Tuesday

Monthly General Meeting

Events like the Summer Classic

Join The Alliance for as little as $20/mo for business or $10/mo for individuals

We wish you an enjoyable summer and hope you experience some of the magic of living in the PNW.

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